Repurposing Furniture: New Uses for Old Sideboards

I love the idea of re-purposing things and thinking outside the design centers to furnish my home. I get bored with the same old products and ideas that look identical to what is in my neighbor's house.  Imitation might be the greatest form of flattery, but it can also be kind of boring. I love it when I can use something totally unique that no one else has. I love to find my own personal style as well as finding bargains. Oftentimes that involves buying things from consignment shops, antique stores or garage sales. Bathrooms are really fun rooms to work on because they are usually quite small and easy to furnish. Yet, a good quality attractive vanity for your sink can cost a pretty penny. When we were remodeling our family's vacation house bathroom, we knew that we wanted something … [Read more...]

How to Style Your Coffee Table

Coffee table: Pottery Barn Stumped about how to style the top of your coffee table? I'll be honest, mine is usually covered with assorted action heroes, video game controllers, a wad of gum and pb & j crusts. But IF we wanted to impress the neighbors, how would we do it? While a vase of fresh flowers or a stack of books always works, here are some tips for combining objects in fresh and fun ways: Books, a plant & a decorative object on a coffee table make a great table-scape. Create interest with items of all one color by using different shapes or textures. Try opposites: pair smooth with rough, shiny with dull, old with new, round with square, organic with man-made. Vary the heights so that each object is just a little bit shorter than the next tallest item. This keep … [Read more...]

How to Frame and Display Children’s Art

These are works of art by Hans Jean, Jean Dubuffet and Meret Oppenheim that hang in the Museum of Modern Art. They are my inspiration. These pieces reflect the bright colors, strong lines and cheerful simplicity that you often see in children's art. Many of us have been stashing such items in kitchen junk drawers and dusty shoe boxes for years. How to display children's art on the wall without it looking like the fridge: 1. Find a frame: My favorite frames for kids' art are called "floating frames". A floating frame can be purchased almost anywhere that sells frames. The prices range from under $10 for two pieces of plastic clenched by metal strips to $30+ for glass surrounded by wood. They are extremely easy to use. Many people may shy away from the initial contemporary look, … [Read more...]