Display Your Books In Unexpected Ways

A wonderful thing about books (well, besides reading them!) is that they make for great decorating accessories, especially when they can be displayed in unexpected ways. Books are both warm and graphic at the same time and can compliment any decorating scheme.  Their familiarity lends them a comforting air, while their rectangular shape makes for a visual pop. We've got some unusual and inspiring ways to get those books off the shelves and into your decorating. Top Tips for Displaying Books in Unexpected Ways: Tuck books into nooks and crannies; these are great places to store items and create a "WOW!" moment. Sometimes a nook can be a birdcage like in this charming tablescape (Source: Thistlewood Farms)...it could also be above kitchen cabinets or the top of an armoire, Find … [Read more...]

6 Creative Ways to Display Your Photos

In this digital age it's sometimes easy to leave all of your cherished memories on a hard drive. It's time to get those photos off of your computer and into your home! Here are six creative ways to display your photos in your home... 1. Create a Canvas Photo Gallery Puzzle - I love this concept of grouping several images from a photo shoot (or special trip) together to form one large shape. You can chose a variety of sizes to create a large square or rectangle - the options are almost endless! When put all together it creates a clean looking gallery of wonderful memories. 2. Think Outside the Box - You certainly don't need to stick to just square and rectangles when creating a gallery. Break out of the "box" by creating hearts, triangles or even circles with your photos. Get … [Read more...]