The Homemade Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout cookies are only sold for a short 6-8 weeks every year. You can only sell so many to receive your cookie badge! So, what about the remainder of the year when the rest of us are starving for the delicious Girl Scout cookies, but there's no troop selling them? You make the homemade Girl Scout cookies! In addition to being about to make them (and eat them!) any time you want, making the Girl Scout cookies homemade allows you to control the ingredients. No weird chemicals, GMO's or corn syrups if you are in control of making them! 1. Thin Mints by The Little Epicurean - Those thin, melt in your mouth cookies. The classic cookie come to life in your own kitchen! I bet you can't eat just one! 2. Trefoils/Shortbreads from Fork & Beans - Though these cookies require a … [Read more...]

Low Sugar Coconut Brownies

Until a few years ago I had never even thought of adding vegetables to baked goods, then one day I tried a vanilla cupcake recipe that included grated zucchini and I realized how great it was: vegetables help to reduce sugar and fat content in many baked goods while maintaining the texture. For those of you out there who hate beets don't worry I do too and you can not absolutely taste them in this recipe, they are only there for texture purposes. As the title suggests, these brownies contain less sugar than most recipes and they are also gluten free, which allows me to call them healthy (ish) brownies. These are not some of those fudgy brownies you eat a square of and you are full for the rest of the day, instead, they are very light and moist and I could finish off the whole batch by … [Read more...]

Lightened-Up Chocolate Lasagna

Chocolate lasagna is a variation of Chocolate Delight, a classic chocolate layered dessert. This lightened-up version of chocolate lasagna will help you not go overboard on those diets, while still indulging in the classic chocolate flavors. The name chocolate lasagna just screams, 'eat me!'. How could anyone resist? And will you look at those layers? The entire dessert took me about 10 minutes to whip up and you'll have enough to feed an army...if it lasts that long! The oreo crust sets the stage for a sweet whipped topping and cream cheese layer, chocolate pudding, and a white cloud of cool whip topped with chocolate chips. Heaven in every bite. Do you want a bite? [sc:adsense ] Lightened-Up Chocolate Lasagna adapted from Center Cut Cook Ingredients 1 package oreos … [Read more...]

Wild and Crazy Grilled Desserts

Desserts aren't usually the first thing that you think of when you think of the grill. It's usually savory things like kabobs, chicken and even pizza! You'll want to change the way you think of grilling foods after you see these desserts! Who knew that sweet and grilled would make such a fantastic combination? 1. Grilled Espresso Glazed Doughnuts by Half Baked Harvest - Y'all, these are for-real homemade donuts. Real yeast and rising to make the perfect grilled donuts. Done. 2. Brown Sugar Grilled Pineapple from Oh Sweet Basil - Such a simple little dessert, but the flavor makes a huge impact! You can't go wrong when you cover anything in butter and brown sugar, am I right? [sc:adsense ] 3. Chocolate and Marshmallow Stuffed BBQ Bananas by What's Gaby Cooking - No clean up … [Read more...]

Frozen Lemonade Icy Summer Treat

It's a given that lemonade is a refreshing drink of choice in the summertime, but having it frozen and almost slushy-like is the way to go. This frozen lemonade can be whipped up from start to finish in less than one minute. It's that quick! As long as you have some delicious freshly squeezed lemonade on hand in the fridge, you're good to go! As soon as the first day of summer rolled around, I spotted the freshly squeezed lemonade at my grocery store and had to pick some up for just this occasion. However, if your grocery store doesn't carry fresh squeezed lemonade, feel free to squeeze some lemons yourself and add a simple syrup to the mix! Voila, you're ready to make your very own frozen lemonade. Enjoy and stay cool!  [sc:adsense ] Frozen Lemonade Ingredients 1 cup … [Read more...]