Paint Your Own Peg Dolls for Homemade Children’s Toys

There is just something about homemade toys that makes them that much more special. Recently, my family went on a trip and I needed something to keep my little one occupied in the car.  She has lately developed a fascination with little people and figurines. After a trip to my local Target and seeing the outrageous prices for the many different “little people”, I decided to make my own little people. Using peg dolls from the craft store (I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby – eight dolls for $2.99) and paint from my growing collection, I painted a timeless treasure for my daughter that means a lot more than a little plastic toy from Target. Another great thing about this craft is it takes mere minutes to create! If you have older children that can handle a paint brush, this is a great summer … [Read more...]

Quote Board Wall Art You can Make Yourself

My husband and I recently purchased a new house. A new house means total bedroom makeover for me. We have been living in apartments for the past five years, and I have never really done anything in the decorating department. I am so making up for that now! I have seen these large graphic signs all over online and I had to have one for the large empty space over our bed. This can be a time consuming project and I highly recommend a helper as some of the steps can prove quite difficult to do by yourself. With all that being said a huge shout out goes to my wonderful husband as this project would be trashed and I would be a ball of pregnant tears without all his help! It ended up being a really fun couple’s project! Supplies to Gather: 1. A large piece of finished grade wood. For my … [Read more...]

How To Make Marble Magnets

Marble magnets are fun to make as gifts, favors, or Easter-basket stuffers. If you read a lot of magazines, marble magnets are a great way to make further use of them before tossing them in the recycling bin. You can create sets with any theme you can think of, or none at all. Disclaimer: this craft is addictive! DIY Materials: - Flat-bottomed glass marbles, available at most craft and garden stores. I prefer clear glass, but feel free to experiment with colors! - Small round magnets, also available at craft stores - Clear silicone glue - Scissors - Pen or pencil - Old magazines, old books, scrapbook paper, even a thin fabric... any pretty material that appeals to you! DIY Instructions: 1. Select a picture or pattern. Place a marble over the image to make sure you like the … [Read more...]

Stained Shirts Into Masterpieces

Everyone has a stained shirt. Many times it happens to be one of your favorites. What do you do with it? Toss it out? Turn it into rags? Those are some of your options, but they might not be the best option. Turn your stained shirt into a work of art. Yes, your stained shirt can be a masterpiece. Take one of your favorite shirts that has that spaghetti sauce stain right in the front. You cannot wear it anymore, yet you love it so much. Go to your local craft store and purchase some fabric paint along with any needed brushes and cleaning supplies. If you are not too great at free style drawing and painting, pick up some stencils of various sizes to help you out. If your shirt is of a delicate style, choose stencils of small berries, flowers, butterflies, and so forth. Start off … [Read more...]

Free Knitting Patterns for Dolls

It has been a while since I knitted anything. But then, net surfing one day, (procrastinating) I rediscovered renowned knitted doll designer Jean Greenhowe. Years ago I made a heap of dolls from her books. Why I loved them (apart from them being so darn cute) was because there was a range of boy dolls in there. There were not many boy dolls about at the time. I actually made a chef one with a birthday cake for my father when he turned 60. Knitting Patterns for Toys I was delighted to find her online and equally delighted to find some free knitting patterns for toys. I chose a cute Rainbow Baby pattern and pulled apart a crocheted blanket I had begun for the wool. (It was late at night and no shops open). This wee guy measures a little over six and a half inches without the cap, … [Read more...]

Paper Mache Bowl Craft Video Series

This is an oldie but a goodie - a lovely video series from Alli about building a paper mache bowl. Complete with paste, bowl shaping and painting instructions! See the lovely series in full by checking at the videos at these links: Steps and Supplies to Create a Paper Mache Bowl How to make Paper Mache paste How to make the Paper Mache Bowl Paper Mache Craft How- Tos Decorating and Finishing the Paper Mache Bowl Create both useful, and beautiful crafts with this paper mache technique that is a family friendly and fun activity! … [Read more...]