Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

It's hard to believe Christmas is almost upon us! I've found some great DIY homemade gifts to share with you. Each one comes with a free printable! Blonde Designs have some easy holiday gift ideas with printable labels. Make a Christmas Song CD and print my festive label for your cover. Executive Homemaker (aka Laurie-Tip Junkie)has a list of 24 quick, easy, cheap gifts. Download a free printable with all the labels and poems. Make LollyChop's Hot Cocoa Mix. She has a great recipe and the cutest packaging you can print. Heather from Dollar Store Crafts and Cathe Holden teamed up to create these adorable 2010 Calendar Tea Towels. Want more ideas? Check out my complete list here. Have fun crafting! … [Read more...]

Dining Table Remodel on a Budget – Before & After

With just a little work and very little money- {Under $50} you can have a totally new dining set. Sander Seal the Old Table - Step one Using a sander sealer, spray all the wood. I used the type in a spray can. Paint the Dining Table - Step two Paint. I used antique white. Cover the Old Dining Set Seats - Step three Cover the seats. I used one painters drop cloth from Home Depot. {Just unscrew seats from chairs- staple new fabric to seats} Rough Sand the Edges - Step four Sand the edges for a "shabby chic" look. Add a Protective Top Coat - Step five Top the table with a polyurethane if you like {if you are using a light colored paint make sure to buy the non-yellowing polyurethane.} And there you have it, a new dining set for under $50. … [Read more...]

DIY Pillowcase Dress Tutorial

A Room Somewhere has one of the best pillowcase dress tutorial's I've seen.  There seem to be quite a few around but this one is so chic and easy! photo courtesy of Grosgrain Flickr group … [Read more...]

DIY: Laziest Slipcover Tutorial

I cannot tell you how many chairs I have rescued from garage sales and thrift stores. Great chairs that just needed a new slipcover to be fabulous again! If you are aware of how expensive quality new chairs are, you can see the appeal in finding a well-constructed chair that just needs a fresh new slipcover.  But, because I am completely lazy, frugal and not a seamstress, those chairs sit in my garage or hide under  a blanket in the corner of a room for years. YEARS I tell you! I want the slipcovers, but not the cost of hiring an upholsterer. If you are the same way, grab all those lonely sad chairs from your garage because I found a solution for you, the lazy slipcover tutorial from Pink & Polka Dot! If you love a casual cottage slipcovered chair, you'll LOVE this … [Read more...]

Outdoor Living: Build a Trellis!

Looking Forward to Spring? We're getting closer and closer to that wonderful day, the first day of Spring! That means it's time to start thinking about this year's outdoor projects! These pictures show you a couple versions of a neat little project that can be done in a weekend. I would tell you what it is, but I don't know! Pergola or Trellis? I'm just about ready to give up on figuring out exactly what constitutes a pergola and what would be more aptly named a trellis! If you want to start down that dark path, you can start here. I'll just call it a trellis and be done with it! Here is another one: By whatever name, these structures are really great to have. They: are quick and easy projects don't have to cost a fortune (but can spend a fortune if you really go … [Read more...]

The Painless Way to Arrange a Wall Collage

OK, here’s the story. Two years ago all I wanted for Christmas were picture frames. Love ‘em. I had this grand idea of having candid photos to look at when I walked up the stairs. But I let those pictures sit for a long time (too long to admit!) because I didn’t know the best way to “arrange” them without putting a bunch of holes in the wall!  Here’s a simple solution! Pull out the left-over wrapping paper, scissors, and a little tape and make templates of your frame shape. Now you’ll know precisely where to put that nail and how it will look on the wall BEFORE hammering in a bunch of nails!   Step 1: Trace each frame onto wrapping paper, grocery sacks, etc. Cut shape. Step 2: Draw an arrow showing the direction of the photo. This is especially helpful when you have multiple … [Read more...]