How to Create a Gorgeous Wall Collage

If you've been flipping through design magazines recently, you might have noticed the resurgence in popularity of the ever-handy wall collage. Used to group wall art so that it mimics the visual weight of a larger piece of art, the collage has many benefits besides just looking fantastic in nearly any space. Collages are usually made up of smaller pieces of artwork, which means you can decorate your walls less expensively. Since there aren't any real rules to creating a collage, you have a lot of flexibility and are able to make your collage match the style of your home's decor. Collages are also a casual and fun way to decorate your home and are a great solution for those weird wall spaces! They can be both very formal and traditional but also casual and carefree, too. While … [Read more...]

How to Make Paper Mache Paste

How to make paper mache paste. First you pour the white glue into a bowl and put in some water at a four part glue, to one part water. Sometimes with paper mache pasters people can use wallpaper paste which works nicely if you aren't crafting with kids. Wallpaper paste is toxic however, so use a non-toxic glue like white glue when you are doing paper mache with children. A wheat paste is sometimes used by paper mache crafters, however this is the simplest paper mache paste recipe available. Stir the glue and water until the mixture is smooth and even.     Enjoy your craft and we hope these videos were helpful. See the lovely series in full by checking at the videos at these links: Steps and Supplies to Create a Paper Mache Bowl Making Paper Mache … [Read more...]

Baby Closet Dividers

If you have a baby, you must know that everyone's favorite gift is clothes! Factor that in with a mommy who is already obsessed with cute clothes, and you have a very full closet! Now that our baby is bigger he is able to wear a lot of his really fun and cute outfits. What was starting to happen though is I would find a really cute outfit new with tags that I had forgot I had! I looked online for baby closet organizers and wasn't very pleased with the selection. Luckily, much like his nursery art and mobile, I decided to make my own! This craft was easy breezy. Here's what you need: Wooden Door Hangers (be sure to get the thick ones, there are thin one which are less expensive but they don't take the paint well) Craft Paint Pain Markers *Ribbon (optional) (These … [Read more...]

How to Make an Evergreen Mailbox Swag in 10 Minutes

Fresh greens abound this time of year, so all it takes to make a fresh swag for your mailbox is a little greenery, along with some floral foam and wire.  Take a look around your neighborhood for magnolia, boxwood, and holly to add to your swag.  Tree lots give away all their leftover branches, which is a great base for a swag.  If you have a regular mailbox with a post, wedge a small piece of floral foam right under the horizontal piece coming out of the post and start adding your greenery right and left until it starts filling in.  Add branches spilling out the top too. You can take a small bit of floral wire and wrap around a couple of the branches to secure it to your mailbox post in the back  in case of wind.  Keep filling in with more branches, a little magnolia or whatever you … [Read more...]

DIY Felt Board – Fun Holiday Gift

I am attempting a handmade Christmas this year and have been searching for projects to do for my family and friends. I originally saw this idea on The Artful Parent and thought this would be the perfect Christmas gift for my two girls. This way they could have their own large felt board complete with different packets of cut out images that go along with different stories and landscapes. It is quite a simple project and is very do-able (which is perfect for me). First, I purchased a scrap of plywood about 1/4 inch thick and 2 feet by 2 feet. You will also need to pick up a can of Elmer's Spray Adhesive, a large piece of felt a little larger than your piece of wood (for the backdrop), craft glue and many different colors of felt. Follow the instructions on the back of your Spray … [Read more...]

Transform Your Laminate Countertops with Paint

Painting your laminate countertops is a cheap, easy way to beautify your kitchen! Tired of your outdated laminate countertops but not willing to splurge on new replacements? You can completely change the look of your countertops by painting them. Prepare your countertops. Light sanding by hand and washing with water is all that's needed. Prime with an oil based primer. Apply two coats, allowing for drying time in between. Remember to first cover with plastic or tape all areas you don't want paint on. Paint, either by rolling on an oil-based paint, or by spray painting. You'll need at least two coats. Apply an oil-based protective polyurethane finish. You will need four or five coats. I transformed my plain white countertops into expensive looking countertops that resemble … [Read more...]