Easter Craft: Easy Easter Decorations

Easter crafts that your children can make CAN become an actual decoration in your house, not just a keepsake.  Using an old gift bag and tissue paper, we created two really cute wall hangings. SUPPLIES NEEDED: Gift bag (old or new) Tissue paper (old or new - it is going to get crumpled) Glue Construction paper Old cardboard or foam board Tape Scissors PREPARING YOUR CRAFT SUPPLIES: The crucial key to a successful craft with your children is to have the supplies all ready.  Your children will lose interest quickly if they have to sit still and watch Mommy do a bunch of gathering and sorting. Trace a circle from a plate for the chick decoration. I suggest using yellow paper to keep the chick all one color. Draw a decorated egg on construction paper.  … [Read more...]

The Easter Tree

This Easter tree is a simple decoration for the season, while also providing fun entertainment for the whole family. Balloon and Glue Yarn Eggs To make the eggs for the bottom of the tree, you will need the following: balloon embroidery floss (or yarn) glue water (mix equal parts of both water and glue) - Just throw both in a bowl and stir until it is well mixed. 1. Blow up your balloons. You want them to be smallish and a little oval. Seriously... this will be the hardest thing of this project (blowing air into small balloons = hard). 2. Take a color of floss and submerge it in your glue water. Just let it fall where it may. If you try to neatly wrap it and then submerge it, it becomes a knotted mess -- getting knots out of very wet and sticky string is not … [Read more...]