How to Paint Champagne Flute Glasses

If you want to personalize your New Year's Eve party, anniversary or other special occasion, try one of these seven beautiful tutorials for custom, decorating wine glasses and champagne flutes. From neon to golden, whatever your party style there is a craft idea here for you! 1. Metallic Champagne Glasses by Beaute Jadore - I love how the use of tape strips created the ribboned effect. 2. Monogrammed Champagne Flute by Something Turquoise - Perfect for a party with guests of honor or specific people invited. Plus this way no one gets their glass mixed up with anyone else's! 3. Personalized Champagne Flutes by Blissfully Domestic - These festive glasses can be a fabulous 4. Neon Colored Stems by KMS Home Creations - I love the brightly colored stemware for a party that … [Read more...]

5 Blissful Entertaining Tips

Having people over for dinner can be stressful.  Here are a few tips to making hospitality a joy! 1. Don't worry too much about having the perfect house. I am the mother of four young children and any true friend of mine knows that there will be run-away crumbs on the floor occasionally, the rugs will not be perfectly straightened, and a stray toy is likely.  What they come for is the company.  I do not want to be harried when they arrive due to stressing over things they couldn't care less about. 2. Concentrate on one central area of your home and focus especially on it. For instance, when we have people over, we stay in the kitchen and dining area 95% of the time.  I work hard on making those two areas visually appealing.  A clean table cloth, shining counters and sink, and swept … [Read more...]