Plan a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta With these Mexican Inspired Recipes and Activities

Cinco de Mayo is coming up. You know, on the 5th of May. {Can we stop for just a moment to think about that? MAY. It's right around the corner. 2014, slow down.} Cinco de Mayo is probably one of my most favorite days of the year. It's a no-excuse-needed-to-eat-yummy-Mexican-food kind of day. It's also, and more importantly, the day the United States celebrates Mexican heritage and pride. And a day to eat Mexican food. Oh, I said that already. Well, it can stand to be repeated. YUM!Today, I've got a bunch of recipes {and even a few decorating ideas} for you to throw a Fiesta like no other! Read on.Pineapple Habanero Salsa - Fresh pineapple is one of my very favorite fruits. If you've never cut a fresh pineapple, don't be intimidated. Make this recipe and cut into your first … [Read more...]

EGG-cellent Table Settings for Easter

Bringing the outdoors in, and displaying natural elements at your dining table for Easter is warming, enchanting and entertaining. Spring is here, flowers are in bloom and many Easter gatherings are in full swing.  Creating a DIY Easter tablescape for family and friends brings everyone together to surround a natural table setting that can be admired. An Easter tablescape doesn't have to break the bank. Incorporate natural elements by gathering items from your backyard. Shop around or visit your local farmers market for natural greens for your tablescape.  You can even cut grass from your very own yard to give the look of a picnic styled tablescape. The ideas are endless. Be creative and go for it!. Here are few of my favorite  Easter Tablescape Inspirations! Love Grows … [Read more...]

Super Fun, Old-Fashioned Games for Modern Kids

Remember when a friendly game of Kickball was all you needed to stay entertained for hours?  Or, how about stepping out on the front porch to swing the Hula Hoop around your hips?  Old-fashioned games are still so much fun...when we turn our video games off and put our smart phones away long enough to enjoy them.  Let's get outside and show our kids how WE used to play!!{photo credit}Pull out the sidewalk chalk, draw a Hopscotch Board, grab a rock and get to hopping!{photo credit}You don't have to have burlap potato sacks to enjoy a classic backyard Sack Race. Step into a pillowcase {as a substitution}, line up against your competitors and JUMP to the finish line!{photo credit}What you lack in coordination you can make up while having a good time with a Hula Hoop. … [Read more...]

Best Original Twilight Memes and Quotes

Twilight, a series that has swept the hearts and bookshelves of people everywhere. And the movies? Love them. Name my next born child after one of the characters? Well now, I wouldn't take it that far! But believe me, there is a slew of Edwards and Jacobs running around because pf this book series.We collect our favorite memes and quotes from the Twilight series. So sit down and sink your teeth in to our beautiful finds!"Look after my heart - I've left it with you."Ahh the romance. Tell me your heart didn't skip a beat when Edward said this to Bella in Eclipse. Jacob's soulful declaration in Eclipse after he asked Bella to pick him instead of Edward because he was in love for her. Who wouldn't want two extremely handsome guys fighting over her? When Alice saw that Bella would … [Read more...]

Five Jewelry Pieces We Wear Because of Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey has created quite the following - dare I say cult? Sunday and Monday my Facebook stream is filled with comments, reviews or after last week, anger, about what is happening on the show. Never kill off a favorite character!The show has also hugely impacted fashion and jewelery trends. Pinterest anyone? I have to admit, I am quite the fan of the Downton Abbey inspired jewelry that is popping up everywhere. Here are my top picks! 1. Lace CollarsThe simplicity and versatility of this necklace is endless. Even better? You can learn how to make your very own on Madigan Made. Pretty necklace + DIY = pure WIN! 2. Ornate Chokers This piece has my name written all over it. Made of stunning black beads this necklace is sure to get attention anytime you wear it! Pair it with … [Read more...]

Five Simple Products Made Famous By Amazon Reviews

We all have read them, the hilarious reviews of simple products on Amazon. Reviews that claim a brush will give your kitty laser vision or a three ringed binder that will.We gathered our top five picks of everyday products that went viral on Amazon. 1. Bristle Brush for Cats While a somewhat simple item, the lister accidentally posted the brush for $29, 900.00. I am guessing they added a few too many zeros when entering the price. This simple mistake prompted a public outpouring of hilarious comments.2. Magical Unicorn MaskGreat for everyday wear, "Whether you're relaxing in the enchanted grove or having your blood drunk by a weakened Dark Lord, I can guarantee you will be feeling elegant in this whimsical unicorn mask." Ah yes, everyone truly does need a unicorn … [Read more...]