Five Simple Products Made Famous By Amazon Reviews

We all have read them, the hilarious reviews of simple products on Amazon. Reviews that claim a brush will give your kitty laser vision or a three ringed binder that will. We gathered our top five picks of everyday products that went viral on Amazon. 1. Bristle Brush for Cats While a somewhat simple item, the lister accidentally posted the brush for $29, 900.00. I am guessing they added a few too many zeros when entering the price. This simple mistake prompted a public outpouring of hilarious comments. 2. Magical Unicorn Mask Great for everyday wear, "Whether you're relaxing in the enchanted grove or having your blood drunk by a weakened Dark Lord, I can guarantee you will be feeling elegant in this whimsical unicorn mask." Ah yes, everyone truly does need a unicorn … [Read more...]

5 Celeb Couples We Are Shocked Are Still Together

We all know the feeling we get when one of our favorite celebrity couples bites the dust. When Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins decided to call their 23 year relationship quits - I was crushed. Don't even get me started on Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito! I am so glad they are back together. But there are also those couples that make you go, hmmm. Couples that you just can't believe are still together. Couples you thought would have ended eons ago. Since Valentine's Day is almost upon us, we are going to celebrate the celebrity couples that we never thought would make it. The couples that faced crazy odds and overcame the challenges to stay strong together. Romantic yes? 5. David and Victoria Beckham Soccer god and Spice Girl does not a lasting couple make, but their thirteen year … [Read more...]

Ten Best Super Bowl Ads Of All Time

While I am a huge fan of football, when it comes to the Super Bowl, I am always looking forward to the commercials. While we all have our yearly favorites such as the E*TRADE Baby or any commercial with the Budweiser Clydesdales, companies still go out of their way every year to make the best Super Bowl Commercial. While the competition is huge and the stakes are high, here are my choices for the Top Ten Best Super Bowl Ads Of All Time. Did yours make the cut? 10. Mountain Dew's Bad Cheetah - 1999 9. Wassup - 2000 8. Kia Joyride - 2010 7. Wendy's Where's the Beef - 1984 6. Pepsi Cola Security Camera - 1996 5. Old Spice - 2010 4. Doritos Sling baby - 2012 3. Snickers Betty White - 2010 2. Budweiser Frogs - 1995 1. … [Read more...]

DIY Entertainment Centers – Build Your Own on a Budget

What could be more fun than gathering around the big screen television and hunkering down with a boatload of movies, favorite snacks and drinks? While those ginormous television consoles that took up half the room are thankfully a thing of the past, thin, lightweight and brilliant big screen televisions continue to be more affordable and mainstream. Whether you are in the market for a newer and bigger TV or are perfectly content with your current model, finding that perfect entertainment center to house that big screen TV, Blu ray and DVD player, electronic components and large collection of movies has never been easier or more affordable.   Why spend your hard-earned money on a ho-hum entertainment center when you can create the perfect custom-made, home theater experience that fits … [Read more...]

Top Ten Best Irish Bands

Ah, St. Patrick's Day. The day when everyone gets to be a wee bit Irish. A day to revel in all that Ireland has to offer. While many will be enjoying the food and libations of my homeland, I would encourage you to feast you ears on some amazing Irish music. So don your green and be sure to check out some of my favorite Irish bands that will have you dancing the jig in no time! Kat's Top Ten Favorite Irish Bands The Dubliners Dropkick Murphys The Pogues Gaelic Storm Great Big Sea Flogging Molly The Chieftains Saw Doctors The Oysterband Enter the Haggis - (my ALL TIME favorite) Looking for new great Irish rock music? Then be sure to check out Paddy Rock's podcasts. May you have all the happiness And luck that life can hold- And at the end of your rainbows May you … [Read more...]

Jewlery From the Movie Country Strong

Country Strong with Gwyneth Paltrow and Leighton Meester was recently released and I couldn't resist taking in a matinee on opening day. While the movie was just okay (does anyone know what happened to the baby chick?!), the real scene stealer was the jewelry. Lots of glitz and glam with a country western vibe. I loved. it. all. Being the star, Gwyneth's character, Kelly Canton really piled on the diamonds and you could tell they were all real! Since being a country star isn't in my future, I found some fabulous lookalikes with the same wow factor. Rhinestone Necklace $38 - Layer two and wear them short for the look in the movie. Gold Nugget Wrap Bracelet $64 and Rhinestone Wrap Bracelet $129 - Layer both to get Gwyneth's look. Diamond Cross Necklace $375 - There are lots … [Read more...]