Why Reading is Good for Children

Bedtime stories are a beautiful family tradition. Not only is it quality time with your child, but reading is a valuable way of learning for a child. Reading helps develop a child’s language skills while stimulating his or her imagination and creativity. Moreover, books are good for kids’ mental health. Reading for Toddlers Toddlers learn to speak mostly through hearing, but as a child learns to read, his or her language skills improve with this new ability. Children who read much when they are young are likely to enjoy it while they are teens as well, and this can help children grow up articulate and more inclined to learn well in school. Children’s Books and Television Imagine what kids can learn from television, and how easy it is to put a child in front of the television … [Read more...]

How to find a book club in your area

Until recently, I thought book clubs were somewhat of a myth -- something depicted in movies and (yes) books, but nothing that actually occurred in real life. I'd never really known anyone in a book club, though part of me had longed to be in one. I love to read - what better than to read and connect with people in one fell swoop? Finding a book club wasn't something I did consciously - maybe because I never really knew how. There are ways to find a book club near you. Check Meetup for Groups near  you I'd heard of people using Meetup to find playgroups, mother's groups, and even jogging groups - but never book clubs, however - there ARE book clubs on Meetup. Lots of them. Meetup is not only searchable by geographic location, but by type of group as well. Check Your Local … [Read more...]

Lifetime Movie Network’s Pick-A-Flick Friday

Do you want to watch a movie Friday night? Any ideas? What if you had a hand in picking te movie on your favorite network? Lifetime Movie Network, the number two-rated women’s channel after its sister network Lifetime Television, will let its audience decide which film the Network will air on Fridays at 8:00 and 10:00 PM ET through its Lifetime Movie Network’s Pick-A-Flick Fridays. Viewers will be able to vote online for their favorite films at myLifetime.com/flick and choose which movie they would prefer to watch that following Friday at 8:00 and 10:00 PM ET (beginning October 9). Viewers can vote as many times as they wish during the week, selecting their top choice from five film titles as part of Lifetime Movie Network’s Pick-A-Flick Fridays. The five choices for the first … [Read more...]

Fun with Books: The Mitten by Jan Brett

One of my favorite authors is Jan Brett. Her pictures are amazing, and I love that each picture is framed with another picture that either tells another story or gives clues to what is going to happen next (great for predicting, which is an important reading skill for children to learn). One of my children’s favorites is The Mitten. The Mitten by Jan Brett Summary: When Nicki drops one of his snow-white mittens in the snow, he doesn’t even notice! It’s not long before some woodland creatures discover it and crawl inside to get warm, each one getting progressively bigger. What happens to that snow-white mitten? Activity Ideas: This is such a fun story in and of itself! But there is so much more you can do—first to stretch the learning, and also to have fun! On Brett’s … [Read more...]