Fresh From Florida!

Memorial Day Weekend. It’s the official kick-off to Summer activities (even though in Florida its felt like summer for weeks!) and to me one of the first things I think of when I think summer is food.   BBQs, picnics at the lake, snacks at the beach; we all love the fresh foods and the being outdoors time that summer brings.   When you are putting together a menu and a shopping list, do you think about where those ingredients are coming from? When you live in the Northeast and you need a watermelon in May, it’s not coming from a local farm. What about if you need corn or tomatoes? To procure those items, you need produce coming from a place with a head start on the growing season – Florida.   Florida's great weather means longer growing season and an … [Read more...]

4 Creative Photo Ideas for the Summer Months

Do you need some new photography ideas for the hot Summer months? Below are four photo ideas to get your creative juices flowing and help you improve your photography skills: Flower Portraits Your local farmers market or floral store should provide a nice variety of blooms and foliage to use  in your photography shoot. Whenever possible, use natural light and white poster board or aluminum foil as an inexpensive reflector for shadows. Keep your background clutter-free and use a tripod, remote release and low ISO for the best floral photos. Focused Perspective Focused perspective is a fun technique that “tricks” the viewer into believing that certain objects are smaller or larger than they really are. All you need to take a forced perspective photo is a camera, creativity, a willing … [Read more...]