How to Put on Make Up for Teenagers Going Back to School

The Back to School season is officially upon us and that means new people, new environment and a chance to make a fresh start. Here is a really helpful video that shows how to put on make up in a light, fresh, everyday look perfect for teens heading back to school. [youtube][/youtube] You'll notice that she keeps the foundation light and uses a good skin moisturizer at the same time to help blend the foundation. I used to mix the two in the palm of my hand and apply with a cheap sponge applicator. Steps for Back to School Makeup for Teens Foundation For Your Makeup Look - She used foundation, concealer and highlighter, as well as moisturizer to create the base for her face. Powder applied with a brush was the next step. Then she used some … [Read more...]

Summer Makeup: Waterproof and Water Resistant Makeup

It is hot out these days.  Hot with a capital H!  The summer time is always a great time to go au natural with your makeup choices.  But maybe you like giving yourself an extra pop of colour on the checks.  Or maybe you have another and another and another wedding to attend.  No matter what the reason, if you want to glam it up in the summer you will need to be armed with these waterproof and water resistant makeup products. First let's start with the difference between waterproof and water resistant.  Think of them in varying degrees of their can't-come-off-ness.  Waterproof is the most long wearing you're going to get.  If you are going to the pool or experiencing a summer down-pour at the weekly soccer match, you're going to need to go waterproof.  If you need your makeup to last … [Read more...]

Positively Beautiful – Arbonne Essentials and A Healthier You

Beautiful. You. - How Arbonne Essentials Help Promote Inner Beauty It's the fourth month of the new year and we know a few things: Spring is finally here (mostly), flowers are now starting to bloom and there are approximately less than 12 weeks of school for the year. Time is flying by and I have only one question: do you know where your health resolutions are? If you're like the masses, you wrote down your visions and made plans to live a healthier, more abundant life. You began strong but faltered along the way as life, time and family exercised its right to take precedence over all other things. But you can get right back into the swing of things and Arbonne Essentials can provide you with the energy boost you'll need. Here are some products that I found to have the most impact on … [Read more...]

Jewlery From the Movie Country Strong

Country Strong with Gwyneth Paltrow and Leighton Meester was recently released and I couldn't resist taking in a matinee on opening day. While the movie was just okay (does anyone know what happened to the baby chick?!), the real scene stealer was the jewelry. Lots of glitz and glam with a country western vibe. I loved. it. all. Being the star, Gwyneth's character, Kelly Canton really piled on the diamonds and you could tell they were all real! Since being a country star isn't in my future, I found some fabulous lookalikes with the same wow factor. Rhinestone Necklace $38 - Layer two and wear them short for the look in the movie. Gold Nugget Wrap Bracelet $64 and Rhinestone Wrap Bracelet $129 - Layer both to get Gwyneth's look. Diamond Cross Necklace $375 - There are lots … [Read more...]

Holiday Style – Sequin Showstoppers

My favorite part of the holidays? The glitz and glam and opportunity to wear sequin and sparkle in the name of holiday cheer. This year, I'm particularly smitten with gold sequin. Sequin Skirts A sequin skirt is on my must-have list this holiday season. Pair with a classic white button down or black turtle neck for a formal dinner, or a jean shirt or jacket for a more casual affair. Don't limit your sequin skirt to holidays - it can be brought out throughout the year for cocktail parties or a girl's night out.         Sequin Cardigans Cardigans are my all time, must have wardrobe staple. I love to layer and mix colors and textures, and what better way to do that than with a sparkly cardigan for the holidays? You can choose to go all out with gold … [Read more...]

Ardyss Body Magic: A Product Review

"Drop up to 3 sizes in 10 minutes!". If you heard this advertisement, your initial reaction would most likely be to brush it off as some sort of gimmick not to be taken seriously. But this is what the Mexican based company Ardyss International stakes their entire reputation upon. When I was introduced to the flagship product "Body Magic," I thought it was just another girdle. Until I put it on. Let's just say the 3 sizes in 10 minutes tagline is more than just a clever marketing phrase. It actually took 5 inches off my waist, lifted my butt, breast and self-confidence. My body was completely reshaped. My waist was so small I could hardly believe it. My stomach was my problem area until Body Magic solved the problem. The garment totally changes the way you look and fit into your clothes. … [Read more...]