Snowman Footprint T-Shirts

HOW TO MAKE A FOOTPRINT SNOWMAN T-SHIRTI bought the shirts at Target for 4.99 each. You can use any t-shirt, but for the youngsters, this was the best. I also pre-washed the shirts. The best paint to use is craft fabric paint. It is very permanent. I have tried ink (which is what I did w/ these) and it washes off over time. I actually used embossing ink, and embossing powder first on these shirts. That washed off somewhat, so I re-touched the entire thing w/ fabric paint- which is why it looks like it does. I used a stipple brush, and I like that it looks all snowy. I painted the face w/ the paints after it dried. I also had the kids use their fingers to make the snowflakes. Of course it helps to have someone help you when doing the footprint. The best thing to do, is put a … [Read more...]

How Clothes Should Fit

How your garments should fit The most common clothing issue I see with women is poorly fitting clothing.My goal with most of my clients is to simply get them into clothing that fits properly.In doing that, they will instantly look thinner, stand a little taller, exude confidence – and of course, be accepting tons of compliments. Clothing that doesn’t fit properly will add bulk, bring attention to problem areas, and completely camouflage the best aspects of your figure.It can make you look older, give your appearance a dowdy edge, and make you look like you’ve gained weight! TOPSLong sleeved garments should hit just below the wrist bone with just a little ease (shouldn't be too tight or loose) Shoulders of any jacket, blouse or tee should be AT the shoulder – right where your … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Wear a Scarf this Fall

Scarves are a must-have for fall...actually for any season.  They're inexpensive, available in a wide variety of styles, and they'll fit no matter how many Pumpkin Spice Lattes you throw back. Oh, and all the celebrities are wearing them (not that we care about that, though, right?).You've scoured the mall. You've picked out a scarf that's just the right color scheme for your winter skin, just the right print for your wardrobe, just the right weight for your climate.  Now what?  Are you standing in front of the mirror in various self-inflicted headlocks as you attempt to tie it around your neck just right?  Worry not! 5 Basic Scarf Tying Techniques 1. The No-Tie Tie. You can't get any easier than this: Just drape it around your neck, and viola!  When to do it: When you're wearing … [Read more...]

How to Wear the Trendy Tunic

Photo: I have recently embarked upon a love affair with tunics.I just purchased a couple and I have no idea how I ever lived without them!They are comfortable, cute, and cover a multitude of sins.They are also very versatile, and can be worn with jeans, capris, dress pants, leggings, or skirts. Photo: 3 Tips for Wearing The Tunic Trend: Tunics can be worn for day or evening.Choose accessories to dress them up for evening such as a funky necklace, chic belt, or sassy heels. The shape of your tunic on top determines what you should wear on the bottom. Most tunics are either straight or A-line/empire waist.With a straight tunic, wear a wide-leg pant or A-line skirt.With an A-line tunic, wear skinny jeans or pants, leggings, or a pencil skirt. Tunics … [Read more...]

The Easy Updo

How many of you slept in pillow rollers the night before picture day hoping to get sproingy bouncy curls only to wind up with an uncontrollable electrified poodle on your head? Yeah, me too.A fashion magazine promised me years ago that "Pillow rollers have changed! You can get those sexy curls you want with pillow rollers!" I tried it. Unless poodle is sexy, the fashion magazine lied to me. In a desperate attempt to tame the poodle I discovered this updo that lasts all day and doesn't budge. I've even gone to the gym with it and gone out later the same evening looking just as fabulous. It's all about the prep and the bobby pins.Behold my pillow rollers, my classic hairpins and my secret weapon, the Scunci bobby pin for thick hair ($3.99 at any drugstore). I put them in when my … [Read more...]

Sweaty armpits? You’re not alone.

I have no shame in admitting that my armpits could easily out sweat the entire defensive line of any NFL team. Winter, spring, summer, fall, early in the morning, late at night and even in my sleep my armpits always seem to be sweating.As far back as I can remember I have always had sweat issues. And I can tell you that short of surgery I have tried every antiperspirant, deodorant and sly little trick out there. I've doused my armpits with witch hazel and then powder puffed them with cornstarch. I've layered three different brands and formulas of drugstore deodorant all at once. Lining the underarm of my sleeve with panty liners? You'd better believe it.In high school I spent countless hours in the bathroom with my underarms under the hand dryers trying to dry out my shirts. It has … [Read more...]