20 Vintage Brooch Wedding Bouquets

The bride's bouquet is a hallmark part of her wedding ensemble, second only to her gorgeous dress. The floral arrangement often speaks to her personal style as much as the centerpieces or her choice of shoes! The trend to use vintage brooches in place of live or silk flowers is not only stunning, but it's a beautiful way to incorporate family heirlooms into the wedding decor. Vintage brooch bouquets are perfect for the DIY bride - rummaging through local antique stores, thrift shops and estate sales will often unearth the gems and treasures needed for a beautiful bouquet. Do-it-yourself not your forte? Countless vendors offer customized brooch bouquet options, made with love and delivered to your door before the big day. Ready for some inspiration? /1/ Antro-inspired Retro Wedding … [Read more...]

Simple Spring Vase

If we are really honest with ourselves, about this time every year we are ready for spring. With April showers bringing May flowers just around the corner, March can not pass soon enough. With this super simple vase tutorial, you can bring a little spring into your home even if the actual season is still lurking around the corner. What You Need To Make the Mason Jar Vase This Mason Jar Vase is super simple. All you need is: a mason jar (any size will do) spray paint (color of your choice) and (not pictured) Modge Podge to seal it. How to Make the Mason Jar Vase 1. First wash your Mason jar and make sure it is really dry -- if it is still even a little wet when you spray paint it, the spray paint will run. 2. Spray paint inside the jar. This is the fun part! You … [Read more...]

Fresh Ideas for Your Spring Tablescapes

Spring is here and I have been searching for inspiring ideas for easy spring decor. I would love to have a spring brunch or "garden" themed party to celebrate this beautiful time of year. Here are a few lovely tables that are springtime perfection! Simple, yet pretty! Perfect for a spring garden party! Words cannot describe how much I love this table! The butterflies are perfect - Have always wanted to try a hanging branch or branch as a center piece. Hmmm. Favorite color right now. So fun and bright - full of sunshine! Spring is a breath of fresh air, so decorating with things that are airy, bright, natural, and fun add just the perfect touch inside to the "party" going on outside! Enjoy decorating! … [Read more...]

Symbiosis – Relationships of Flowers and Bees

Flowers and Bees - A Symbiotic Relationship The relationship between bees and flowers is called symbiosis. Symbiosis: A relationship between two organisms in which the organisms benefit from one another. How Bees Benefit Flowers. Bees pollinate flowers, which means they transfer the pollen made by one flower of one plant to the flower of another plant. Bees do not purposely do this. Actually, the bees are trying to collect the pollen to take back to their hives. In the process of going from one flower to another as they collect pollen, some pollen is picked up from one flower and accidentally dropped on another flower. Pollination results in the formation of seeds. In the photo, the bee has pollen covering its whole body. The yellow pollen makes the bee appear to be … [Read more...]

Colorful Perennials – Flowers for Spring Containers

Spring! Just the word makes me think of color, fresh air, blooming buds, sunshine - all the wonderful things that make our world beautiful. This time of year is the perfect time to add some color to your outdoor garden, porch, or patio area; and what better way then with containers filled with spring flowers! Some of my most favorite flowers are daisies, lilies, geraniums - all great for container planting. Since they are perennials, it will be easy to reuse your containers at other times of the year, so make sure you purchase hardy ones that will stand the test of time (and weather!). Here are some beautiful containers that have caught my eye - looking for inspiration so I can dig in and get to work! This is actually a "salad garden" - but I love the idea of planting … [Read more...]

The World’s Easiest Hanging Vase

Two used Mason jars Wire from the back of an old mirror. Silver handles from a used Bathroom fixture. Wrap the wire around the  lip of the Mason Jar, and twist it tight. String silver handle through. Fashion a loop at top- Hang from a screw. Add water and fresh flowers, and there you have it - the world's easiest hanging vase. Added bonus- totally "Green" didn't cost a dime. Look around your home, who knows you probably have things to fashion a hanging vase too. Happy Day … [Read more...]