A Halloween Party Spread

When planning a Halloween party one of the most important things you will be organizing is food.  Here are a few tips for preparing a Halloween party spread your guests will love. Party theme:  Keep these things in mind when preparing your party food. Do you have a theme for your party? Will there be children, or is this an adult or teenage party? Are you open to a pot luck? Do you prefer a sit down Halloween dinner party, or are finger foods and mingling the way you like to entertain? Here are some fun treats and tips that are simple, and bound to please. Beverage: Creamy Orange Punch Tip: Place beverage in a drink dispenser or large jug.  Using black card and removable poster tape attach a fun jack-o-lantern face to your dispenser. Ghost Marshmallow … [Read more...]

9 Delicious Pork Dinner Slow Cooker Recipes

People think of the crock pot as a winter thing...stews, hearty main courses, warm comfort foods to stave off cold weather. But the trusted crock pot is PERFECT for warm weather, too. No cooking over a hot stove, no turning on oven, and no wasting beautiful daylight hours in the kitchen. Prep it and forget it! Today I'm going to share with you some of my fave pork slow cooker recipes that are perfect for dinner...no matter what the time of year. Pork Carnitas by Dinners, Dishes and Desserts. Not only does this recipe look mouth-watering, but I love her idea of heading to the beach while it's cooking.  Looking forward to summer! Pork Ragu by Pasta Man Blog. He says that pork really gives beef a run for its money in this dish. Looks yum to me! Sausage Stuffed Sweet … [Read more...]