13 Ultimate DIY Outdoor Lighting Inspirations

Few things alter mood light lighting; yet too we don't often think of adding accent lights to our outdoor spaces. However, even during the daytime you can add ambiance and sparkle to your garden, porch, and patios. And at night? Watch out. Lighting will transform and add magic to any outdoor living areas. You don't need to break the bank purchasing fabulous lanterns and such; here are thirteen amazing DIY tutorials. Keep in mind, some of these are better for enclosed or covered areas to shield them from rain, but all are undeniably gorgeous! Grapevine spheres tutorial by All Things Heart and Home. The way they sparkle is just enchanting. Vintage insulator by Hayseed Homemakin' (notice the colander in background used for porch lighting as well...so clever!). DIY safe tree lights … [Read more...]

Paint Stick Garden Markers

Paint sticks are one of those items just begging to be crafted with. Since I have recently become a gardening genius (read: slightly less of a black thumb), I realized we needed some proper garden markers for our growing plant and vegetable collection. This was a very simple craft with great rewards. Supplies: Endless amount of paint sticks Craft paint Brushes Paint pen Optional - polyurethane Make a list of what plants you are making the markers for and any other information you want to include on the stick. 1. Paint the sticks with their base coat color. I like the foam brushes for this - perfect size for the wood and a smooth finish. 2. Let them dry thoroughly.  I used wax paper so the sticks would be easy to lift up once dry and painted one side at a … [Read more...]

Using Your Garden Journal to Plan a Better Garden

Every winter I end up suggesting somewhere or another that January is a great time to start a garden journal or notebook to record everything during the entire primary growing season. The new year is an obvious place to start one not only because it's the beginning of the calendar year, but because it also happens to be the pre-garden season. The records of what you were planning on growing in the garden, and where, and when you were going plant them is the beginning of a personalized custom book custom made for you. At first, garden journals may seem like extra nit-picky work at a time when your garden needs you most. But there are some excellent reasons for taking a little extra time to jot down some important notes. After a couple of years, your garden journal will become a valuable … [Read more...]

Colorful Perennials – Flowers for Spring Containers

Spring! Just the word makes me think of color, fresh air, blooming buds, sunshine - all the wonderful things that make our world beautiful. This time of year is the perfect time to add some color to your outdoor garden, porch, or patio area; and what better way then with containers filled with spring flowers! Some of my most favorite flowers are daisies, lilies, geraniums - all great for container planting. Since they are perennials, it will be easy to reuse your containers at other times of the year, so make sure you purchase hardy ones that will stand the test of time (and weather!). Here are some beautiful containers that have caught my eye - looking for inspiration so I can dig in and get to work! This is actually a "salad garden" - but I love the idea of planting … [Read more...]

Pretty Porches – Decorating an Outdoor Living Room

The great outdoors is the "living room" of the summer - and nothing is as inviting on a summer day than a pretty porch... decked in flowers and ferns, comfy rockers, soft lighting and maybe even a little music playing (Sinatra for me!) in the background. I love to look for inspiration on how to decorate my porch for summertime - I hope these great ideas inspire you too! This is a more modern porch - love the day bed and the decor - definitely an outdoor room! This swing is glorious! Naps, coffee and a good book - sigh... This is such an inviting space - small meals outside, chatting with friends over ice cold lemonade, or board games with the family while the fireflies light up the evening... The soft cushions, cute table with rocking chairs, and colorful flowers are … [Read more...]

Beautiful Fall Gardens

I love outdoor containers with lots of lush greenery and interesting shapes and textures. In the Pacific Northwest where I live, fall is the most beautiful season (in my opinion!). There is no better time to put on a cozy sweater and take a walk through some of my favorite neighborhoods! I took this photo (above) of a container that caught my attention. I love the mix of greens, and textures. This house had the most stunning window boxes and interesting landscaping. The fall colors just popped out and grabbed my attention! Isn't that window box just amazing? They framed the entrance to their walkway with some beautiful textured plants. It really invites you into a unique and special world! In the Pacific Northwest we don't have many palm trees. They really stand … [Read more...]