How To Take Your Own Family Portraits

Ever go to one of those big box stores to get "professional" photos done for Christmas? And, after waiting for what seems like an eternity with your squirmy toddler and grouchy grandpa, everything seems to go downhill from there? Mom blinked. Junior won't smile. And, if you have a family member like my daughter, there are howls of, "Oww! My eyes! The light is too bright!" You're lucky if you leave there with a Christmas card-worthy shot but think, "Oh well. It'll do. It was cheap." So what are your options? Professional photographers get great shots but sometimes cost is a factor. So why not try it yourself at home? I know a lot of people who like the idea of trying for professional photos in their own homes but don't try it because they don't have the professional gear, like … [Read more...]

Great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

It's a Date Valentine’s Day is where the heart is. Need gift ideas for your true love?  Do you want to give him something besides candy and a teddy bear? We've got a few options for him that are unique, fun and should fit the bill. Some of our top picks: Spy Optics Screw For the active guy, a cool pair of sunglasses that are stylish and functional. These glasses by Spy Optics Screw are impact resistant, have a signature patented scoop venting system and 100% UV protection. Fashionable and useful. {$139.50} Electronic Golf Club Cooler Caddie Does your guy golf?  He’ll love this. Let him relax on the golf course with his own cold drink using this deluxe fully automatic golf club cooler caddie.  He can simply fill the 54oz tank with his favorite cold beverage and … [Read more...]

Five Simple Products Made Famous By Amazon Reviews

We all have read them, the hilarious reviews of simple products on Amazon. Reviews that claim a brush will give your kitty laser vision or a three ringed binder that will. We gathered our top five picks of everyday products that went viral on Amazon. 1. Bristle Brush for Cats While a somewhat simple item, the lister accidentally posted the brush for $29, 900.00. I am guessing they added a few too many zeros when entering the price. This simple mistake prompted a public outpouring of hilarious comments. 2. Magical Unicorn Mask Great for everyday wear, "Whether you're relaxing in the enchanted grove or having your blood drunk by a weakened Dark Lord, I can guarantee you will be feeling elegant in this whimsical unicorn mask." Ah yes, everyone truly does need a unicorn … [Read more...]

Best Craft Apps and Online Resources

The very fact that one can find mobile apps for crafters shows just how digital our generation has become! Our grandmothers never would have thought of things like stitch counters on a cell phone, or a Michael's store app with inspirational videos on an iPad. And yet, here we are, talking about the best craft apps and online resources. Crazy, huh? Free Apps for Crafters MICHAELS -iPhone and Android Michael's fans will enjoy the project ideas and tips, shopping list creator, and the daily inspiration videos from Jo Pearson, a Michael's consultant who talks about everything from paper craft to DIY Home Decor. Craft Finder  - iPhone This highly rated app (9 out of 10 stars) gives you step by step instructions with pictures and it allows you to organize your projects based on … [Read more...]

Pinterest Etiquette – Seven Tips to Keep in Mind When Pinning

Have you ever been surfing Pinterest, having a blast, and all of a sudden you see something that really irks you? Perhaps it's a completely off-topic Pin, or worse yet, one product after another... Or my pet-peeve, over self-promotion. While there aren't many hard-set rules for Pinterest use, there are a few rules of thumb for keeping Pinterest a fun place to hang out, share cool stuff, and be inspired! Here are 7 tips for Pinterest best practice: 1. Follow Your Friends! Pinterest is a very social community! Link up your Facebook account and find and follow your friends who use Pinterest. Invite friends you think may enjoy Pinterest. You don't have to allow Pinterest to post to your Facebook timeline every single time you Pin something, but it is nice to see what your friends are … [Read more...]

Best Craft Blogger Boards on Pinterest

Pinterest is the new kid on the block, and let's face it... her charms are irresistible. Blogger or not, fan of social media or hermit crab, you will fall in love with, and quickly become addicted to, Pinterest. There are few people who use Pinterest as well as craft bloggers. Today, I'm going to feature some of the best craft blogger boards on Pinterest... by some amazing craft bloggers you probably already know and love! When you're done swooning, come back and let me know who your favorite craft blogger is, and if she uses Pinterest. (And yes, you can be your own favorite!) [imagebrowser id=27] A huge thanks to my friend and Blissfully Domestic Home Improvement blogger, Leigh, for sharing some of her favorites with me! … [Read more...]