Holiday Gift Ideas for Photographers

It's officially time to shop for holidays gifts. The turkey has been eaten, the pie plates were licked clean and Black Friday has come and gone. Have a photographer friend or in your family? Here are 10 awesome gifts that are sure to make their holiday brighter! Blurb Gift Card If the photographer in your life is like many of the ones I know, they probably don't get a chance to make many of their own, personal photo albums. Photographers are also guilty of hoarding photos on their computers and never having a chance to print them out! A gift card from Blurb will put them one step closer to having their own beautiful photos in their hands. Blurb makes gorgeous, professional looking albums at a fraction of the price! The best part is you can make it for as small or big as you would … [Read more...]

6 Unique Holiday Photo Gifts

Now that Halloween has come and gone we have officially entered the holiday season. Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas and New Years are all just around the corner. It is time to start thinking about holiday gift giving - and no it's not too early! You don't want to get caught at the last minute without a great gift. Photo gifts are great for everyone in the family, especially if there has been a big event that year. Weddings, new babies, graduation and even just every day moments make perfect gifts for parents, grandparents and others (especially those that live far away). Photo books and framed prints are always a great idea, but why not mix it up a little this year and give one of these unique photo gifts! 1. Photo Puzzle I can see kids and Grandparents loving this photo … [Read more...]

8 DIY Blankets for Baby

When I had four children I never thought number five would be a possibility. I was certain all things baby were a thing of my past. If I made a baby item it would surely be for a gift or a client. Boy, was I wrong! I recently had baby number five and the world of onesies, diapers, pacifiers and, of course, baby blankets is back. That makes my heart SING!! Although, I had nine months to prepare for this new baby and make her all sorts of handmade goodness I failed to make her even one something. Not even a burp cloth. Epic fail. When I sat down to bring you this list of yummy {and easy!} baby blankets I became instantly inspired. They can all be done by a beginner and there's something for all of us! Can you sew? There's something for you. Can you crochet? I have something for you. … [Read more...]

Back-to-School Teacher’s Gifts for Every Budget

How do you make sure, from day one, that your child is Teacher's Pet?  You send a teacher's gift on the first day, of course! We're all on a budget these days. Don't let the idea of a teacher's gift make you put a Master Lock on your wallet.  You can give an impressive "thanks for teaching my student" token of appreciation for as little as a couple of dollars.  Really.  Keep reading. /1/ A Succulent Garden - This succulent garden will be special on day one of the school year and beyond. /2/ Let's Kick Off this Year with a Splash! - Fill a child's {new} rain boot with a few of teacher's essentials and maybe even a gift card to offset her expenses. This gift she'll surely get a kick out of! /3/ Teacher Subway Art - Here's a super simple gift idea that will cost you very … [Read more...]

Father’s Day with

Father's Day is right around the corner. If you're like me, you're busy taking care of the kid(s) and don't want to miss out on making the father's in your life have a special day. My family is so blessed to have so many fathers. My son has all 4 of his great-grandfathers, 2 of his grandfathers and one very special father. This Father's Day will be my husband's second. We had our son 2 weeks before Father's Day last year and I'm so excited to be able to focus more on it this year. Last year, it was overlooked because we were both terribly sleep deprived with a colicky baby. These days, we spend our free time playing on the floor with our baby boy, just smiling and watching him discover new things. It's a beautiful thing to see my husband smile at his son. Melts my heart. With our … [Read more...]

10 Baby Gifts You Can Sew!

Is there anything more precious than a baby shower? Handmade gifts garner awwws like nothing else and become beloved mementos long after baby has outgrown them. If you're handy with a sewing machine, creating a keepsake baby gift is simple. These ten handmade gifts for baby can be sewn up in a jiffy and will be loved and appreciated by everyone from the new mama to great-grandma to babylove! This project is so simple! An old cotton sweater and a piece of flannel combined to create a set of soft and luxurious washcloths for baby's first bathtime. [Things For Boys] Remember the colorful baby ring stackers? Try sewing this adorable fabric version for a soft handmade toy for baby! [Rust and Sunshine] Baby shoes are a classic baby shower gift, aren't they? These beautiful leather … [Read more...]