Best Electronic Gift Ideas for Her

Shopping for the special woman in your life just got easier! Whether she's into high tech gadgets, science fiction or some thing in between, the woman you're shopping for is sure to swoon over any one of these items. Below are some of the best electronic gifts just for her. 10 Motor Massage Chair Pad Could possibly be the best invention since sliced bread. The 10 Motor Chair Pad lets you turn your ordinary  chair into a spa massage. Extra-large chair pad can help relieve stress, soothe aching muscles, and revive you in the middle of a busy day. It boasts 5 powerful massaging motors that will relax your whole body or let you focus on a specific area such as your neck, upper back, mid back, lumbar, or thighs. Ooo la la. Retail 149.99 iPhone Photo Cube Printer Do you hear angels … [Read more...]

Gift Tag Templates – Circular!

Circular gift tags can be such fun- funky or elegant. For you today is a Disk Gift Tag Template to use over and over with your own sentiments and images. Make Your Own Gift Tags We all like to save time, (so we can savor time) so this is one solution to your gift tag woes. Making your gift tags shows your thoughtful intentions and creativity. These tags are a base for just those thoughts and imagination. It makes things more personal and fun, and the small format is easy to fill. Gift Labels The round tag looks great with just a simple image. The colored dots and inner border frame the center twice over giving the most simple image a heap of attention. Ideas for Gift Labels Just print and trim and decorate Add cut images from free sticker sites, old cards or … [Read more...]

Seed Wedding Favors for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Wedding favors are gifts for guests as a token of the bride and groom’s appreciation. Gifting plant seedlings, seeds or bulbs adds an eco touch to a wedding. Seed wedding favors reflect a bride and groom’s desire to give back to the environment on their most special day. In addition, plant seedlings symbolize the start of a new life and hence, make perfect favors. Here are some ideas for inexpensive yet meaningful green gifts for wedding guests. Seed Wedding Favors in Handmade, Eco Packages Gifting seedlings or seeds can be easy and simple since all one has to do is buy the desired seeds in bulk and then, present them to the wedding guests. And if the packaging is eco-friendly as well, it makes the wedding favor even more meaningful and special. You can choose from easily … [Read more...]

Free Gift Tag Printables Templates

Your gift has been wrapped (or not) and is ready for that final touch – the gift tag. Download these free gift tag templates as a base to work your magic on. Gift giving has been around for as long as man (and woman) has. We give because we feel empathy, sympathy, to celebrate an occasion or just because we want to. We are a social lot, us humans and we have an inherent need to communicate and connect with each other. Easy Paper Craft Gift tags are easy and very inexpensive to make if your budget requires it. Download the templates as a starting point with which to weave your creative magic. Print out and trace the shapes onto heavy paper or card stock. Get decorating with scrap papers, embellishments and an adhesive. Use sewing notions – bits of lace and buttons or just … [Read more...]

Stepmothers Day

Easter has passed and Mother’s Day is coming. Did you know there is a Stepmother’s Day as well?  It's the Sunday after Mother's Day. Personally Mother’s Day covers both for me. I reared my husband’s two children from the day we married in 2002 along with my own two biological children. Mother’s Day from year one was a day I was very aware that I was privileged to have someone else’s children in my home on that special day. The children’s mother lived 400 miles away, so it was not often she got to see the children, some long weekends, holidays, and summer. Mother’s Day was important to me. We've fostered children as well, and knowing that they were without their mother has helped me to be aware that mothering is more an action than a biological connection some days. As a teacher, I had … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Homemade Christmas Gift

A great way to go green this holiday season is to make some or all of your gifts; one of the easiest gifts you can make is bath salts. All you need is a glass jar (you can easily save one and upcycle it, just make sure it’s clean), Epsom salt, baking soda (optional), and peppermint essential oils. Fill your jar a little more than half way with Epsom salt and fill the rest of the way with baking soda if using it (if not fill with Epsom salt). After you fill your jar put a few drops of your essential oils in the jar. It will depend on the size of your jar how much you should add, just keep smelling it. After you do all of that just put the lid on and shake. Add a cute tag and or ribbon and you’re done! You can also use other essential oils or even crush up some candy canes and … [Read more...]