Seed Wedding Favors for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Wedding favors are gifts for guests as a token of the bride and groom’s appreciation. Gifting plant seedlings, seeds or bulbs adds an eco touch to a wedding. Seed wedding favors reflect a bride and groom’s desire to give back to the environment on their most special day. In addition, plant seedlings symbolize the start of a new life and hence, make perfect favors. Here are some ideas for inexpensive yet meaningful green gifts for wedding guests. Seed Wedding Favors in Handmade, Eco Packages Gifting seedlings or seeds can be easy and simple since all one has to do is buy the desired seeds in bulk and then, present them to the wedding guests. And if the packaging is eco-friendly as well, it makes the wedding favor even more meaningful and special. You can choose from easily … [Read more...]

Easy, Waste Free Lunch Solutions

The backpacks are hung by the front door with care. New shoes are all nestled on the mud room floor. And visions of free time dance in your head. Yet, packing a school lunch that’s both healthy and waste free can often feel like a Christmas miracle. With a few simple changes, packing a lunch can be simple, inexpensive and green. Buy Bulk Single-serve packages are colorful, convenient and so tempting – but create unnecessary waste for our landfills. Choose larger packages you can divvy up as needed. Skip the tiny packages of crackers & pretzels, which are expensive to begin with, and go with a full-size bag to divide amongst your kids or use throughout the week. Reusable Containers There are a variety of kitchen storage option that will work for lunches. The key to actually using … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Homemade Christmas Gift

A great way to go green this holiday season is to make some or all of your gifts; one of the easiest gifts you can make is bath salts. All you need is a glass jar (you can easily save one and upcycle it, just make sure it’s clean), Epsom salt, baking soda (optional), and peppermint essential oils. Fill your jar a little more than half way with Epsom salt and fill the rest of the way with baking soda if using it (if not fill with Epsom salt). After you fill your jar put a few drops of your essential oils in the jar. It will depend on the size of your jar how much you should add, just keep smelling it. After you do all of that just put the lid on and shake. Add a cute tag and or ribbon and you’re done! You can also use other essential oils or even crush up some candy canes and … [Read more...]

Ever wonder why front loading washers are considered green?

I did. I am one of those people that likes to know why. Why are plastic bags bad for the environment? Why are phosphates bad for water systems? Why are front-loading washers and dryers "green?" Who do I turn to when I want to know why? Why Google of course. I found this very informative Energy Star website that answered all my why questions and then some. Here are a few of the things that I learned/confirmed about front-loading washers: Using a horizontal or tumble-axis basket to lift and drop clothing through a small amount of water instead of rubbing clothes against an agitator in a full tub of water dramatically reduces the amount of water used in the wash cycle. Efficient motors spin clothes two to three times faster during the spin cycle and extract more water. … [Read more...]

DIY Tutorial: Make Your Own Diaper Sprayer

After getting fed up with poopy cloth diapers (even with my awesome flushable liners I use), I decided it was time to look into a diaper sprayer, which is basically a kitchen sink sprayer on a hose which attaches to the toilet’s water line. I wasn’t interested in buying one for $40 from the diaper companies, so we started looking online on how to make one ourselves. Unfortunately I only found a couple of tutorials, with no pictures! So, my husband, Moondoggie, wrote up a step-by-step tutorial on making your own for about half the cost. These parts came out to around $20 at Home Depot and it took maybe 20 minutes to assemble. So without further ado, here’s Moondoggie. So Gidget told me one day that she was sick of sticking her hands in the toilet to get Chiquita’s poop off those cloth … [Read more...]

Recycled Crayons Are an Easy Kids Craft

I have an easy Do-It-Yourself project!  It's fun and kid-friendly. And it's a great lesson in recycling. Impress your kids with this crayon recycling craft. Kids Love Crafts My kids love crafts, especially my oldest daughter.  About 42.9 times a week (averages higher in the summer) she wants to get crafty.  It's exhausting and she doesn't believe that folding clothes is considered an art form in some remote places. The other day, the kids were coloring and drawing.  It began to lose it's appeal and the craft begging began. I took one look at their pathetic collection of old, broken crayons and before I had a chance to call myself a bad mom, I said...   Crayon Recycling Craft Directions 1. Tear the paper off of broken crayons. 2. Place broken crayons into paper … [Read more...]