Handprint & Footprint Craft Ideas For Father’s Day

Looking for quick and nostalgic project ideas for Father's Day? Try a handprint or footprint craft!  It's the perfect "memory" gift that is  simple to make and treasured for a lifetime. Simple Handprint and Footprint Craft Ideas: - Use paint and poster board to make a big sign celebrating Father's Day!  Use kiddos' handprints and footprints as decoration and put a nice message to Dad in the center. - Make a Father's Day greeting card with printer paper (fold it in fourths) and stamp with baby hands or feet on the outside. Write a sweet note or poem on the inside. Intermediate Handprint and Footprint Craft Ideas: - Purchase some stretched canvas at your local art or craft store and use acrylic paint to adorn it with handprints and footprints.  Make sure to date and sign … [Read more...]

Adorable Christmas Crafts for Kids

Now that we've filled our bellies with turkey and stuffing it's time to crank up the Christmas tunes, pull out the Christmas decor and start making Christmas crafts with the kids. Creating keepsake crafts with my kids is something I do all year long. But, Christmas keepsakes are even more special. I think it's because after the season is over they all get packed away and forgotten about until the following year. When I pull the totes out of the attic and begin to unwrap each handmade craft is when the tears begin to fall. Hand prints that are no longer so tiny, coloring pages with scribbles outside of the lines, anything that each of them made that I can spark a memory from is so very special. Today I have gathered together a bunch of crafts that you can sit down and do with your kids. … [Read more...]

How to Make a Handprint Bat Craft for Kids

It’s October so let’s get ready for Halloween! For families that choose not to participate in Halloween this craft can still be useful, simply leave out the red fangs and change up the color scheme. Gather your materials. You will need black, red and orange construction paper, glue, some crayons, scissors and googly eyes. Start by having your child draw a bunch of fun nighttime things on the orange paper, stars, a moon, even an owl would be great! You can help if your little one is still young or skip it like we did. I added the stars, etc… after we were done just for y’all. Trace your child’s hands on black paper. Have your child color the hands with a white crayon. While they are coloring, draw a bat head. Don’t worry about making mistakes we’ll use the opposite side and cut … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Crafts with the Kids

I love making fun homemade gifts with my kiddos on Mother's Day.  Here are several little crafts that you print out and quickly do with your children.  You can  make any of these for  Grandparents as well. All About My Mom- Have your child fill in the blanks then get ready to laugh your head off. This is also a fun game to do at a pre-school Mother's Day party. Finger Flowers- To make simply print out on cardstock and use your child's painted fingers for the petals and yellow thumb for the middle. Draw on some green stems and  have them color the pot and you're all set. Hand Print Poem- Place the handprints of your child onto a sheet with this darling poem and laminate it to frame or scrapbook. My Mom Card - Print, color, and fill in the blanks on this cute … [Read more...]