One-Up Your Beauty Health: Hair Skin and Nails

This post was sponsored by Nature Made as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. Read below for more information on how you can enter the amazing sweepstakes this month.  Being a mother is a rewarding, but exhausting job. It's a marathon every day of running children to school, activities, ensuring they are eating balanced meals, getting to bed at a decent time, and cleaning up after them. It doesn't stop. So finding time to improve your health and beauty can be difficult. Finding time in my busy day to take care of myself sometimes just doesn't happen as often as it should. Between juggling the kids and working full time there are oftentimes not enough hours in the day. It's sad but true. I don't know how many days I … [Read more...]

The Doctor Will See You Now

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, I’m sure it’s that NO ONE likes to visit the doctor. Not only do you need to call and find an appointment time that fits into your schedule, but you also need to drive there and sit in a waiting room for an undetermined amount of time. More time is spent doing all of those things than actually seeing the doctor, which is why I avoid going at all costs. Recently, I was introduced to a wonderful app called Amwell, which is going to change the way you think about having to see the doctor. Amwell, the world’s largest telehealth company helps to connect users with doctors, dieticians and therapists for instant live, online visits – anytime of day! The timing of this app coming into my life was perfect. Unfortunately I was hit with a really … [Read more...]

Two Weeks To Better Sleep? A Tart Cherry Juice 14-Day Sleep Challenge

It’s almost daylight  savings time.  While we are looking forward to our clocks “falling back”, it’s the adjustment to sleep patterns that is definitely the downside. I am a big believer in the importance of sleep, and in a house with teenagers, it’s a major topic of conversation. I was very intrigued when I heard that tart cherry juice can be a natural sleep aid, as tart cherries contain melatonin. Truly I hadn’t even seen or heard of tart cherry juice (which is a little surprising since I do love cherries and Cherry Chip is my ALL TIME favorite cake flavor). So I went right away to to find out more about sleep research and tart cherries. Here’s a bit of what I’ve learned regarding sleep: Research shows that switching from Daylight Savings Time  to Standard … [Read more...]

11 Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Health and Beauty

Coconut Oil has been around as long as coconuts have been around. Although, only in recent years have the health and beauty benefits been popping up all over the internet. There are hundreds of ways to use coconut oil for health and beauty, home care, pet care and even in cooking. Considering all of the ways it can be used, it's an inexpensive and wonderful natural remedy. Today I have 11 ways that you can use coconut oil that you may or may not have ever heard of. Most of these ways are unconventional but, very effective. Read on to see which way you'll try today! Oil Pulling - Pop a couple of tablespoons of Coconut Oil into your mouth and swish it around for 10 minutes or so {make sure to spit it out into the trash can, as it can clog your sink pipes or toilet}. The results are … [Read more...]

Sensitive Teeth? New Solution!

Do you have sensitive teeth? Don’t worry – you are not alone.  Over 60% (!) of Americans suffer from sensitive teeth.There are multiple triggers – sweet, hot, cold -  which cause discomfort for folks with this issue. Sensitive teeth become more of a problem as we age.  Gums recede and expose the dentin of the tooth - creating a direct pipeline to the nerves in your teeth (aka dental tubules).  There are lots of products on the market right now to help ease pain – mostly in the form of toothpastes.  They work by blocking the receptors in the tooth – block those pathways to keep the pain away. For those who have tried those products and not been satisfied, there’s good news.  I recently attended a product launch for Sensi-Stop. Crest has developed a new way to treat sensitive teeth; … [Read more...]

Stay Positive – 10 Ways to Keep Motivated!

Trying something new is hard.  Whether it’s a diet,  starting your own business, changing a habit, or maybe learning a new sport, there are some days that are great and some that are, well, challenging.  It’s important to remember to push through when you hit a rough patch. Sometimes inspiration comes in the most unexpected places.  I found a bookmark with these tips tucked into a book I purchased at a used book sale. Written by The Bureau For At-Risk Youth, the points outlined are simple, and the advice relatable. Think about these the next time you need a little extra encouragement. [sc:adsense ] 10 Ways To Keep Motivated Realize that mistakes are opportunities to learn. Know that you CAN make a difference. Dream – and make your dreams become your reality. Think I … [Read more...]