Furniture Painting Tips from Angela Statzer

"The feeling of satisfaction from taking something ugly and making it usable has never left me. To find, create, and redo is my passion." Angela Statzer. This past weekend I had the privilege of attending the Becoming Conference on behalf of One2One Network. Angela Statzer of Button Bird Design presented Find, Create, Redo a session on repainting wooden furniture. Angela opened the session saying she wasn't a professional speaker.  She can claim not to be a speaker, but she has the heart of a teacher that shone as she described her craft to the Becoming Conference attendees. Angela walked the session through the entire process. Finding a piece to refinish. According to Angela, yardsaling is by far the most cost effective method of sourcing wooden furniture for repainting. She … [Read more...]

Waiting for Fall: Planning an Autumn Porch

In anticipation of fall and cooler weather (please!) I love to plan my porch. Autumn is my favorite time of year to decorate.. the colors are amazing - all the reds, golds, oranges. There are so many ways to add spice and a little harvest love to your home, and what better place to start than your porch, door, or entryway? Love this porch! The orange pops and makes for a great color contrast. Very inviting.. always makes me wonder what the inside is like.. I love how nature can do a wonderful job decorating for fall all by itself! Using naturals like dried wheat and sticks, corn husks, and grapevine can add a beautiful fall ambiance to any porch.. A cluster of cutely carved pumpkins adds a touch of whimsy to any area - and lit at night? Like a fall wonderland! Not to … [Read more...]

How to Clean a Microfiber Couch

Microfiber suede materials are now used in many different types of furniture. That's not surprising, given its increased level of comfort and resistance to spills and stains. Still, you wouldn't clean a microfiber couch in the same way that you would clean a couch made from other materials. Information on how to clean microfiber doesn't usually come with the furniture. While finding the care and maintenance information can be challenging, the cleaning itself is actually quite simple. This step-by-step guide will walk you through cleaning your microfiber couch. Step 1: Do some preliminary vacuuming. Using a vacuum, preferably a deep cleaning device such as one of the Bissell vacuums, do a thorough once over on the couch. The best approach is generally to use a soft-bristled … [Read more...]

Dining Table Remodel on a Budget – Before & After

With just a little work and very little money- {Under $50} you can have a totally new dining set. Sander Seal the Old Table - Step one Using a sander sealer, spray all the wood. I used the type in a spray can. Paint the Dining Table - Step two Paint. I used antique white. Cover the Old Dining Set Seats - Step three Cover the seats. I used one painters drop cloth from Home Depot. {Just unscrew seats from chairs- staple new fabric to seats} Rough Sand the Edges - Step four Sand the edges for a "shabby chic" look. Add a Protective Top Coat - Step five Top the table with a polyurethane if you like {if you are using a light colored paint make sure to buy the non-yellowing polyurethane.} And there you have it, a new dining set for under $50. … [Read more...]

Choosing Front Door Colors

Have you ever sat and stared at color samples with a blank stare and felt like saying... uh, I dunno?  I know I have and I'm supposed to be a pro.  But sometimes color choices can be downright hard!  But it really is important, right?  I mean the future happiness of our family could depend on this. There must be some way modern technology can help with this.  Right?  Maybe there is. I decided to try a little Photoshop magic on a picture I had.  I wanted to see what a difference changing the front door color made.  Take a look! This is the original photo...nice and white.  Pretty house! Let's try some colors: Looks nice in yellow.... But maybe... Blue would be better?  What do you think?  Darker blue maybe... Or how about an old faithful... Red!  Red looks good and it means … [Read more...]

Transform Your Laminate Countertops with Paint

Painting your laminate countertops is a cheap, easy way to beautify your kitchen! Tired of your outdated laminate countertops but not willing to splurge on new replacements? You can completely change the look of your countertops by painting them. Prepare your countertops. Light sanding by hand and washing with water is all that's needed. Prime with an oil based primer. Apply two coats, allowing for drying time in between. Remember to first cover with plastic or tape all areas you don't want paint on. Paint, either by rolling on an oil-based paint, or by spray painting. You'll need at least two coats. Apply an oil-based protective polyurethane finish. You will need four or five coats. I transformed my plain white countertops into expensive looking countertops that resemble … [Read more...]