4 Ways to Improve Your Photo Composition

The composition of your images can make or break them. Simple things like filling the frame or keeping your background simple can elevate the look of your pictures and make them more interesting. Here are four tips to help you improve the composition of your pictures: Fill the Frame The best way to fill the frame is to get close to your subject. How do you get closer? Use a telephoto lens or use your feet and step closer. Filling the frame edge to edge makes your subject the main focus of your picture and adds drama to your image. Straighten the Horizon Line Where the horizon line appears in your image can dramatically alter the balance of a picture. Placing the horizon line high accentuates the foreground and the distance. Framing the horizon line low is very effective for … [Read more...]

4 Creative Photo Ideas for the Summer Months

Do you need some new photography ideas for the hot Summer months? Below are four photo ideas to get your creative juices flowing and help you improve your photography skills: Flower Portraits Your local farmers market or floral store should provide a nice variety of blooms and foliage to use  in your photography shoot. Whenever possible, use natural light and white poster board or aluminum foil as an inexpensive reflector for shadows. Keep your background clutter-free and use a tripod, remote release and low ISO for the best floral photos. Focused Perspective Focused perspective is a fun technique that “tricks” the viewer into believing that certain objects are smaller or larger than they really are. All you need to take a forced perspective photo is a camera, creativity, a willing … [Read more...]