Creating a Prayer Journal

Prayer is the communication between you and God. It is both your petitions and praises, and God's responses. But it is also how God's word speaks to your heart. Reasons to Keep a Prayer Journal There are many reasons for keeping a record of our communication with the Lord. We can go back and remind ourselves what God has done for us in the past. This is especially helpful during times when we feel despair, or are going through a particularly difficult time. Writing things down involves a different thinking process. We often get insights when we write that we wouldn't have gotten just thinking about the same topics. It can serve as a witnessing tool. When others say they don't believe God exists and that you can't prove He does; you can explain that God has worked in your life in … [Read more...]

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Using Your Garden Journal to Plan a Better Garden

Every winter I end up suggesting somewhere or another that January is a great time to start a garden journal or notebook to record everything during the entire primary growing season. The new year is an obvious place to start one not only because it's the beginning of the calendar year, but because it also happens to be the pre-garden season. The records of what you were planning on growing in the garden, and where, and when you were going plant them is the beginning of a personalized custom book custom made for you. At first, garden journals may seem like extra nit-picky work at a time when your garden needs you most. But there are some excellent reasons for taking a little extra time to jot down some important notes. After a couple of years, your garden journal will become a valuable … [Read more...]