13 Things to Do With Leftover Hamburger Buns

After a big get together, it's not uncommon to have lots of leftover hamburger and hot dog buns. So...what are you going to do with all these leftover buns? There are lots of fun things to do with them. Although my list is for hamburger buns, most of them could be used for leftover hot dog buns as well. 1. Have more burgers or chicken -- Use them for your leftover burgers or cook up some more burgers or chicken for sandwiches. (I love having grilled chicken breasts on sandwiches and adding honey mustard or barbecue sauce. Yum!) 2. Grilled Cheese -- My smartie friend, Amanda, gave me this idea when we visited her house. She made grilled cheese sandwiches with leftover buns. She buttered the insides of the bun and used them as the outsides. Then, she made them just like regular … [Read more...]

Basic Cooking Terms and Abbreviations

When you first start cooking recipe books and online recipe sites can appear daunting if you don't understand the terminology and the shorthand. Never fear, today I'll help you decode the lingo and get you on your way towards becoming the fabulous Domestic Darling you are destined to be. Bake: Cooking in an oven Baste: Keeping foods moist during cooking either by pouring liquid over them, or brushing liquid over the food with a brush. Beat: Making a mixture smooth and creamy by whipping in a brisk motion, by hand or machine Blanch: Precooking food by briefly cooking it in boiling liquid.  Blanching usually loosens the skin, and retains the original color of the food. Boil: When a liquid is boiling, 212 F at sea level, rapid bubbles will form and break when they reach the … [Read more...]

Scrap Yourself a Mini Kitchen Guide!

I'm back with another digital scrapbooking project idea for the kitchen, a mini kitchen guide that you can make with digital scrapbooking products quickly and easily! But first some background... One day I was (yet again) going through every one of my cookbooks in search of some cooking substitution or other. After wasting a good 10 minutes going through my cookbooks, I finally gave up and log onto the computer to Google it instead. This is not the first time I've wasted time looking for a little bit of kitchen info that I just can't remember when I need it. So I came up with the idea of making a little kitchen guide to fill with all those little tidbits of info I'm always needing while I'm cooking and baking. My first task was to compile a collection of all of the little bits of … [Read more...]