5 Top Blogging Tools You Cannot Live Without

(Photo Source: Pic Jumbo) When I started blogging a little over two and a half years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. I went in blindly without knowing what direction I wanted to take my blog in and without any prior research. I just started writing, posting, and learning by trial and error. Luckily, I met some amazing bloggers along the way who were very supportive. Even with the support from other bloggers, there weren’t as many tools readily available for bloggers as there are now. If you’re a beginner blogger, or thinking about becoming a blogger, and you’re equipped with the proper tools then things will be a lot easier for you. I want to help make your blogging life a little easier by sharing 5 top blogging tools you cannot live without. 1. Editorial Calendar An editorial … [Read more...]

5 Easy Butterfly Crafts For Kids

Spring is in the air, and with Spring comes Spring break. Butterfly craft projects are a great Spring themed activity you can do with the kids when they are home for the holidays. Here are 5 easy butterfly crafts you can complete with your kids this Spring break: Clothes Pin Butterfly: This fun activity creates a beautiful butterfly with just a few household items and a dash of creativity. This project by Allison from Alli 'N Sons will delight children ages 2 and up.  Click here for the directions. Bug Buddies: Is your little one obsessed with bugs? Well he or she will love this project idea that involves making all kinds of insects (butterflies, caterpillars, etc). Click here for the directions. Butterfly Feet: I love footprint craft ideas, and this one by Amanda is so … [Read more...]