DIY Heart Bokeh Photography Effect

Did you know that you can create different shaped bokeh in your photographs? Bokeh is that beautifully blurry background portion of your photos, typically achieved with a wide open aperture. Time to get a little creative with that bokeh - you can turn it into different shapes using a few commen household objects that you probably have sitting around your house! Here I am going to teach you how to make heart shaped bokeh (in time for Valentine's Day!) but you can make any shape that you want for different holidays and occasions. What You'll Need: - black construction paper - tape - pen or pencil - scissors - camera and lens with wide aperture (1.2-2.8 would be great) Steps: 1. Gather your supplies. I included a tape measure in my supplies but it isn't necessary. The first … [Read more...]

Tips for Taking Christmas Tree Photos

Is it just me or do you tend to go a little photo crazy around the holidays? There are beautiful decorations hung everywhere, family might be in town visiting and there is definitely more excitement in the air. My camera gets a lot more use around the holidays as it is such a special time of year and I want to make sure I document as much as possible for my daughter. She is only eighteen months old but already beginning to experience the wonder and magic of the Christmas season. One focal piece of many of your Christmas photos is probably your Christmas tree! It makes a perfect back drop for family photos, Christmas morning shots and c'mon - your decorating skills should be documented! If you have ever wondered how to take great photos of your Christmas tree I am here to help! Here are … [Read more...]

DIY Christmas Lights Background

Have you ever wondered how photographers are able to get pictures of babies and children in front of a sparkling christmas lights background? Well I am here today to show you how it's done, and it's easier than you think! Here is a step-by-step DIY guide to creating your own Christmas Lights Background. Before we start I would like to mention that I originally planned to have my adorable daughter be the model for this DIY post. However, after FOUR failed attempts and lots of tears (hers and mine) I decided to go with one of her favorite teddy bears instead. Hopefully your little one will be more cooperative than mine! One tip I learned from this is to get everything set up and ready to go and then bring in your subject at the very end. That way all you have to do is snap a few pictures … [Read more...]

13 Ultimate DIY Outdoor Lighting Inspirations

Few things alter mood light lighting; yet too we don't often think of adding accent lights to our outdoor spaces. However, even during the daytime you can add ambiance and sparkle to your garden, porch, and patios. And at night? Watch out. Lighting will transform and add magic to any outdoor living areas. You don't need to break the bank purchasing fabulous lanterns and such; here are thirteen amazing DIY tutorials. Keep in mind, some of these are better for enclosed or covered areas to shield them from rain, but all are undeniably gorgeous! Grapevine spheres tutorial by All Things Heart and Home. The way they sparkle is just enchanting. Vintage insulator by Hayseed Homemakin' (notice the colander in background used for porch lighting as clever!). DIY safe tree lights … [Read more...]

Elevating the Holiday Table Centerpiece

I am always searching for ways to create a table centerpiece that does not impede dinner guests' line of sight. Most decorations which are scaled large enough for a big dining room table are too tall to keep on the table during dinner. This hanging holiday table centerpiece solves that problem! By hanging the decorations from the chandelier, it creates height without limiting table function. This arrangement is created out of plastic Christmas ornaments hung with curling ribbon. I recommend leaving the ends of the ribbon uncut until you are satisfied with the ornament placement. It took me a little readjusting to make it feel balanced. Last year I did a similar centerpiece using dainty glass Christmas balls hung by a clear thread. It turned out very pretty, but due to lack of … [Read more...]