Mothers Day Centerpiece

With Mothers Day coming up in a few weeks I wanted to make something simple and pretty. I love flowers and consider them a must for my Mother's Day each year.  Honestly what woman doesn't love fresh flowers in their home? To do this easy Mother's Day craft, you'll need the following supplies: Mason Jars- as many or few as you want to use. I chose 16oz. wide-mouth canning jars. Twine Construction paper Letter Stickers (hand writing is a fun way to make this craft more personal) Fresh Flowers Decorative Tray Hole Punch Scissors Just below the beveling of the jar, wrap the twine around the neck. In the above picture, I found 5 times to be sufficient; but wrap yours as many as you want.  Don't forget to leave extra twine to tie the tags. Cut out three rectangles … [Read more...]

Must-Have Fourth of July Party Supplies

It's not too early to begin gathering supplies for your Fourth of July shindig. {shin-dig, noun: a usually large or lavish party} Today I have a list of both food and decorations. You know I had to also throw in an art project that you AND the kiddos will be proud of. Let's waste no more's almost time to party!!! /1/ Create a Lovely Patriotic Tablescape - Everything about this table is simply beautiful. From the bold stars on the tablecloth {that can be easily re-created with fabric purchased from your local fabric retailer} to the Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling {I've seen these at my local craft store} this tablescape is going to WOW your guests. /2/ Blueberry, Strawberry and Jicama Salsa - Here's a sweet alternative to your traditional tomato salsa. Don't … [Read more...]

Simple Spring Vase

If we are really honest with ourselves, about this time every year we are ready for spring. With April showers bringing May flowers just around the corner, March can not pass soon enough. With this super simple vase tutorial, you can bring a little spring into your home even if the actual season is still lurking around the corner. What You Need To Make the Mason Jar Vase This Mason Jar Vase is super simple. All you need is: a mason jar (any size will do) spray paint (color of your choice) and (not pictured) Modge Podge to seal it. How to Make the Mason Jar Vase 1. First wash your Mason jar and make sure it is really dry -- if it is still even a little wet when you spray paint it, the spray paint will run. 2. Spray paint inside the jar. This is the fun part! You … [Read more...]

Free Printable – Food Labels and Canning Labels

For this month's printable, I was inspired by all the posts I have seen lately about canning and giving food as gifts - Can't you picture these on some homemade treats? I had so much fun making them! To use, click on each image to get the full size image, then right click to save - then print! Next Month - Lunch box notes for back to school! … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Find Bliss

Chocolate is a big deal around my house.  We love chocolate cake and this home-made chocolate frosting recipe from Rachel looks like the perfect way to top it in chocolatey goodness! I have to tell y’all — I’m not really a chocolate frosting person but this — this chocolate frosting with the subtle undertones of cinnamon and the creamy richness from the evaporated milk and real cocoa – ZOMG!!!!   YUM.  Thanks Rachel for sharing this great recipe. I can't wait to try it out! This time of year I spend a lot of time outside gardening and hanging out with my guys.  Teresa's Backyard Furniture post had so many great ideas for decorating and creating living spaces outside.  We especially love to use our outdoor fireplace.  Boys like fire.  It's a scientifically proven … [Read more...]