Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother's Day is fast approaching and I'm sure you're looking for some fun and unique gifts to make with your kiddos and to make for Grandma's.  Here are a few ideas that I personally love and have done with my little guys. Marie's man came up with this bookmark. Talk about impressive.  The next year Marie added lots of ways to say the word “Mother” in different languages for the back. Holy Cow, look these games Kathy personalized for her mother! Her Mom loves to play games so Kathy went above and beyond and made the play time a little more special. Mother's Day Coupon Book - Give service as a gift to Mom this Mother's Day by using this coupon book. Simply print it out and fill in the blanks. {{Easy}} Hettie made these homemade bath salts for Mother's Day.  Every … [Read more...]

Stylish Swimwear for Moms

I did an informal poll on Twitter a couple of weeks ago asking women how long it had been since they'd purchased a swimsuit. I was not surprised to find that like me, many of the women who responded hadn't purchased swimwear in several years. The last non-maternity suit I purchased was four years ago. You know why? Because I generally hate the way I look and feel in them! This year, we are thinking about joining a swim club, so I decided that I need to get a nice suit that fit my criteria, the "three c's" - cute, comfortable, and covered! So recently, I did the hard work for you (you're welcome) and tried on a bunch of suits to find out what fits best for moms who just don't think it's appropriate to chase after a toddler in a string bikini. When trying on suits for myself, the … [Read more...]