Our Favorites in FEATURED on Blissfully Domestic for 2014

2014 has blown by in what seems to be a blink of an eye. Wasn't it Valentine's Day just last week? Am I right, this year has just gone by so quickly?! Over the last 12 months, Blissfully Domestic has featured some pretty great writers with unique ideas, creative crafts, tasty recipes and so much more. We thought it would be fun to share with you our top 10 favorites from the Featured section of Blissfully Domestic! Without further ado, in no particular order, here are our Top 10 Featured Favorites: 11 Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids - With Valentine's Day being just around the corner, this one is a great one to check out sooner than later! 9 Father's Day Gift Ideas - Great news! Gifts for Dad never go out of style. Give him something he'll love all year … [Read more...]

5 DIY Chore Charts for Kids

Every year when school starts I feel the need to re-assess the current chore assignments, or the chore charts, in our home. With five kids, if done correctly, our family could have a tidy home on a daily basis.  Of course, I keep all of our chores age appropriate. My twelve year old does things like cleaning the bathrooms and starting laundry, where as my seven year old works on his bedroom or sweeping off the back porch. I also don't want to overwhelm them. Each child has 1-2 chores per day. In the last couple of weeks I've been on the lookout for a chore chart that would be both easy to follow AND fun for the kids. I've come across a few that I think are both practical and fun. I think you'll agree. /1/ Family Photo Magnetic Chore Chart - Create magnet tags with chores and place … [Read more...]

Tips to Help you Plan for Multigenerational Travel

Many people will be planning for multigenerational travel this summer. While traveling with extended family has its perks, it can also produce a few stressors. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you begin to plan your getaway. Preparing for a Multigenerational Trip Plan a family meeting and discuss important things like where to go, what to do, who’s watching the kids, physical limitations and the biggie- MONEY. Discuss up front how much it will cost and who is paying for what. Money is a touchy subject and once you’ve had “the talk” everyone should be able to relax and enjoy their vacation. Plan things Together Planning any vacation is a lot of work and it shouldn’t fall on one person’s shoulders. While you can designate one person to reserve a vacation home, make flight … [Read more...]

Outdoor Eating with Dixie Ultra and Summer Sweepstakes (plus a contest!)

Summer changes everything about the way we eat, more fresh vegetables, grilled meats, melons and berries.  We slow down and enjoy the conversations.  It’s a time to welcome neighbors and friends and take life easy. Most of all, it's a time to be outdoors for meals as well as play. We are big fans of two summer food favorites at my house…BBQ and ice cream.  Both require sturdy, leakproof plates and bowls to avert food disaster.  When Dixie sent a box of their newest Ultra plates and bowls to my house last month there was much celebrating.  These definitely have the strength needed to hold up to a plate of food like this: or just this (if you are a more picky eater like some people I know): Plus we used the bowls for an impromptu ice cream social to celebrate, well, the arrival of … [Read more...]

Chores at Any Age – A Guide for Parents

Giving your children responsibility around the house will teach them important life skills and help them grow up to be responsible adults.  As soon as a child is able to follow a simple command, he can start helping with household chores. Though the younger ones may not really be doing anything too helpful, involving your children in the household duties at a young age will develop great habits. Here's a guide for parents to help know what kids can do at which ages. Chores Toddlers Can Do Pick up their own toys Help put away laundry Help you dust or wipe down a cabinet* Chores Preschoolers Can Do Help set the table Help you water the lawn or garden Make their bed Chores That Grade-Schoolers Can Do vacuum feed the family pet fold laundry *A … [Read more...]

12 Simple DIY Solutions to Organize Your Home

The New Year is the perfect time to start fresh and anew. It's the best time to purge and get organized! If you're like me, you have little piles of "stuff" lingering in different corners of the house. There's a tabletop or surface that becomes the "catch all" as you walk through the door. When you desperately need a pen, there's not a pen to be found...I have some DIY organization solutions for you today! /1/ Distressed Mason Jars - These beautiful mason jars are perfect for the craft room to organize paint brushes and markers or the office space to organize pens and pencils. /2/ Folding Chair Command Center - I love using common items for not-so-common purposes! This folding chair command center is perfect for unusual art and is still great for extra seating. /3/ Sofa … [Read more...]