10 Ideas to Organize Your Kitchen in a Snap!

A new year brings with it a fresh sense of wanting to have everything organized. The kitchen, the bathroom, the closets...they all need a bit of organizing. Sometimes we just get overwhelmed with all that we have and it can ruin a good day. What if the case is, you don't have too much stuff, it just needs to be properly organized?  Today, I bring you a bunch of ideas to organize your KITCHEN. Put these great ideas to use and you'll never again wonder where the slotted spoon is! /1/ The Pantry - Have you ever come home from the grocery store, put everything away, and later that day go to look for the can of soup you just bought? Not anymore, my friend. When you organize your pantry like the one above, you'll never search for the lost can of soup again! /2/ Drink Station - A great … [Read more...]

Fun & Functional Bathroom Organization Ideas

If you're like most every other woman in the world, you have an overabundance of make-up, scented lotion, hair accessories and bath salts. This isn't necessarily a bad thing...if it's organized. When everything has a place and everything is in its place, then it's easier to justify fifteen bottles of seemingly the same lotion to our significant others. Amiright, guys? Before we move on to the organization part, let's take 30 minutes to clean and purge. Set a timer, grab a garbage bag for TOSS items and a basket for KEEP items, and begin. Be sure to go through the closet, under the sink, in the shower, behind the toilet {hey, you never know.}...leave no empty bottles behind!  I'll wait. Okay, you're back, great! That felt good, huh? Now, you should have only the things you know you'll … [Read more...]

Organize Your Home: The Beauty of Baskets

I constantly find myself buying baskets, bins and things that will help me stay organized. Whether it's metal hanging baskets for my mail or colorful bins for the kid's toys, I love the idea of being able to throw things in baskets. I like to call it "half hearted" organization because technically...when you throw things in baskets it's not necessarily fully organized. But it sure does do the trick of making you look like a professional organizer, right? {source} The simple act of taking 400 toys and divvying them up between a few different pretty baskets takes my chaotic playroom from looking like Toys-R-Us just exploded to a neatly cleaned kids area. I love the idea of taking an unused closet space and turning it into a craft area. Beneath My Heart made this space not only … [Read more...]