Cozy Fall Bedrooms

(PC: House and Home) As the days become shorter and the temperatures cool, thoughts of cozying up in bed with a good book and cup of tea become stronger than ever. Creating a warm and cozy bedroom doesn’t require a wood-burning fireplace, a few simple changes and you’ll have an oasis you’ll hate to leave. We switch out our wardrobes when the seasons change, so why not our bedding? Since your bed is probably the most substantial piece of furniture in your bedroom, bedding can play a huge role in the look and feel of the space. Why not switch out lighter summer options for warmer linens in fall inspired colours. Rich fabrics like velvet and seasonal staples like plaid are great options. If you don’t feel like changing out all your bedding a few throw pillows in these fabrics and style … [Read more...]

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Burlap Door Hanger

Have you started to see green?  We have transitioned from Valentine's day to St. Patrick's day just like that!  Are you ready for the green holiday?  I made a St. Patrick's burlap door hanger to help get in the mood.  It was super easy and I'm going to show you how to make your own today!   To make your own door hanger, you will need: 1 yard of burlap green paint of your choice glue gun newspaper floral wire ribbon scissors To start, cut your burlap into two identical clover shapes.  Make one clover a few inches longer around the edges so that you can glue it together easier.   Paint your smaller clover however you would like.  You need two layers of paint.  I painted first layer Kelly green and then used an apple green on top, but feel free … [Read more...]

Time For The Reveal With Valspar and Ace Hardware

It’s reveal time.  When I told you about the summer colors we are loving this year, I said I would tell you how we were going to get them in our lives in a big way and here it is: That’s right – paint chips.  I recently received a “color wheel” full of inspiration in the mail from Valspar Paint  and Ace Hardware . Have you ever felt overwhelmed in the paint section of a large home improvement store? Too much to look at, maybe not enough help or not the right help? Good news! Ace Hardware has teamed with Valspar to create a boutique style experience in their stores. Just like the curated, edited experience you have in a clothing, beauty or jewelry boutique – it’s now available at Ace in The Paint Studio. The beautiful blue green aquas we loved were perfectly portrayed in Valspar … [Read more...]

Refurbished Side Chair, Painted Snowbound White

The Holidays are quickly approaching and it's crunch time. Decorating our home for the holidays takes time, but it's a lot of fun. I don't just take out Thanksgiving and replace with our Christmas decorations. I go beyond like painting, decorating, designing something new, and I even refurbish furniture to make the old look new again. I decided to refurbish this cute side chair that was in my shop for months now. I needed something, a chair to anchor our living space together and new this side chair would be perfect. A chair that can be placed off to the side when not in use. I added a cute chevron patterned lumbar pillow for a designer look. I love this pillow, it's exactly what I was looking for. Simple in design, but adds texture to the space. Made from 100% cotton, I think I need to … [Read more...]

Simple Spring Vase

If we are really honest with ourselves, about this time every year we are ready for spring. With April showers bringing May flowers just around the corner, March can not pass soon enough. With this super simple vase tutorial, you can bring a little spring into your home even if the actual season is still lurking around the corner. What You Need To Make the Mason Jar Vase This Mason Jar Vase is super simple. All you need is: a mason jar (any size will do) spray paint (color of your choice) and (not pictured) Modge Podge to seal it. How to Make the Mason Jar Vase 1. First wash your Mason jar and make sure it is really dry -- if it is still even a little wet when you spray paint it, the spray paint will run. 2. Spray paint inside the jar. This is the fun part! You … [Read more...]

Make Edible Finger Paint!

I'm looking forward to building my art collection, so I was really excited to introduce my son to this activity! I was tempted to buy finger paint, but since I knew a lot of the paint would inevitably end up in his mouth, I decided to make my own edible finger paint. I like this more because it's free (as long as we already have the supplies on hand), and because it's edible and washable. The paintings look nice when they're dry, too. The colors are pretty bright. What you need: Plain yogurt Food coloring (Natural Food Coloring is best) Choose your painting location--preferably in a contained space. We used the high chair. Easy to clean up, and the finger paint can't run away and paint the wall. Mix up some colored yogurt (a small amount of food coloring in the yogurt), … [Read more...]