Stepmothers Helping Stepmothers: When An Adult Stepchild Lives With You

This latest question deals with a topic that hasn't been discussed in much depth here on Blissfully Blended: adult stepchildren. I think many of us see somewhat of a "finish line" of sorts at age 18 - we think, the children will legally be adults, graduate high school, and move on to start their own adult lives on their own. Sometimes, as you can see from the below question, that doesn't happen. I have one adult stepdaughter living with me and my husband.  She has been rude, etc. towards me and is not going to be moving out any time soon.  I have talked to my husband and he has spoken to her about her behavior, but not much has changed.  How do I go about co-existing in the same house with her until she moves out one day? [ I have talked to my husband about giving her a timetable to … [Read more...]

Ten Great Quotes for Multiples

Are you a scrapbooker looking for the perfect quote to finish a page? Maybe you like to cross stitch meaningful quotes? Or maybe you'd like a clever quote to add to your forum signature? Here is a list of quotes that are especially good for twins, triplets and more. You are sure to find the perfect saying for the perfect occasion. “The best things in life come in threes, like friends, dreams, and memories.” “A hug is two hearts wrapped in arms.” “All who would win joy, must share it; happiness was born a twin.” -Lord Byron “Persistence is the twin sister of excellence. One is a matter of quality; the other, a matter of time.” "There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: Twins.” - Josh Billing “Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle.” - … [Read more...]

Flashlight Fun – Activities for Kids

Flashlights are fun! Spend a few minutes before bedtime playing a flashlight game or two. Flashlight Scavenger Hunt: Go on a night walk in a familiar area and see what you can find by the glow of a flashlight. Name one or two things at a time for your child to find, or pick one thing, such as acorns, and count how many you see on your walk. This is fun inside, too! Flashlight Stomp: Shine the flashlight on the floor and let your child try to stomp on the light before it moves. Also try shining it on walls or furniture while your child tries to "tag" the light. Make-Your-Own Constellations: Cut pieces of black paper to fit the end of your flashlight. Poke or punch holes in the paper in a design of your choice. Tape the paper to the end of the flashlight, shine it on the … [Read more...]

Sleeping solutions for three kids sharing a room.

Totally cool, right? It's a bunk bed solution for triplets, or twins + 1, or can do the math on this one. It's from Lea Industries and is a great idea for those of us needing to fit three kids in one bedroom without sacrificing so much floor space. Because I was personally curious about the concept of a triple bunk bed, I did some online searches and came up with several options. And since I do love you fabulous Blissfully Domestic readers, I'm sharing my findings with you! This Urban Triple Loft Setup is a great choice for you if modern-chic is your style. And if you're into the minimalist look, the Flexa Triple Bunk is a great choice. The Mission Merlot Triple has a rich finish and mature look that the older ones would love. For a more rustic look, check out this … [Read more...]

How to Frame and Display Children’s Art

These are works of art by Hans Jean, Jean Dubuffet and Meret Oppenheim that hang in the Museum of Modern Art. They are my inspiration. These pieces reflect the bright colors, strong lines and cheerful simplicity that you often see in children's art. Many of us have been stashing such items in kitchen junk drawers and dusty shoe boxes for years. How to display children's art on the wall without it looking like the fridge: 1. Find a frame: My favorite frames for kids' art are called "floating frames". A floating frame can be purchased almost anywhere that sells frames. The prices range from under $10 for two pieces of plastic clenched by metal strips to $30+ for glass surrounded by wood. They are extremely easy to use. Many people may shy away from the initial contemporary look, … [Read more...]

Creating a Selective/Delayed Vaccination Schedule

Much of the recent media coverage on the debate about childhood vaccinations and the possible links to autism or other neurological disorders presents the issue as an "either/or" decision.  Parents may feel they either have to vaccinate their children in complete compliance with the CDC mandated schedule or choose not to vaccinate their children at all. A growing number of parents are discovering that vaccines are not all-or-nothing.  If for any reason, you don't feel comfortable with the vaccine schedule created by the CDC, there are steps you can take to create a schedule of immunizations that you feel comfortable with for each of your children. 1) Do your research.  You will find impassioned viewpoints on either side of the vaccine debate, and it's important to carefully evaluate … [Read more...]