Gift Ideas For Photographers

With Mother's Day right around the corner, you may have gotten some hints as to what the photographer in your life would love as a gift. Or maybe you want to surprise her with a gift that will rock her world. Luckily, photography gifts come in a variety of options and wide range of prices. We collected just a small sampling of 'perfect gifts' for the woman in your life! 1. Every photographer needs a bag. Every woman, dreams of an Epiphanie Camera Bag. 2. You carry your love of photography in your heart, why not share that love with a little earring bling by Rebecca Arehn! 3. Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate with our need to take photos. Cute photography gloves by Craftsy will keep her fingers toasty while she snaps all those early morning soccer  games. 4. This little pocket size … [Read more...]

The Secret to Taking Action Photos

Spring is here and the need to be outside is quickly taking over any desire to stay indoors. While spring provides you ample opportunities to photograph flowers, it also gives you a chance to capture your child or pet in action. Now why the theory of action shots is simple, mastering the skill to capture the perfect shot can be a bit tricky. Luckily I have a few secrets that will have you taking the action shots you've only dreamed of! Controlling Motion One of the most difficult things with action photography is trying to get clear and crisp pictures that aren't blurry and fuzzy. If your child plays sports and you want to 'capture them in action', I would suggest using a faster shutter speed (1/500th at the least) to get clean and clear shots. (Photo Credit: Smashing Hub) Change Your … [Read more...]

Spring Flower Photo Inspirations

The temperatures are warming up, the days are getting longer and the flowers are just beginning to make their entrance into the world. Spring flowers offer a magnitude of photography ideas and are the perfect subjects because they don't move or blink! Here are some great ways to capture the true beauty of spring through your camera's lens. Focus On Color Flowers come in a wide array of gorgeous colors. Highlight their beauty against a blank background so they can show off their wares. (Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet) Up Close and Personal Don't worry about always getting the whole flower in the picture, focus on the petals or insides of the flower for a more interesting capture. (Photo Credit: Mary Foster) Use Nature Nature provides the perfect accents for your flower photos. … [Read more...]