How to Make Personalized Coloring Pages with Photoshop

Here is a fantastic and easy way to make afternoon coloring activities more fun and personal for your kiddos.  In ten quick steps you turn your digital photos into something unique! How to Make a Personalized Coloring Page - Step 1 Choose your photograph & open it in Adobe Photoshop.  A simple picture with clean lines and obvious color contrast works best. How to Make a Personalized Coloring Page - Step 2 Create a duplicate layer of your photograph.  Make sure it is the dominant layer (listed above the original). How to Make a Personalized Coloring Page - Step 3 While on your new layer, go to Image > Adjustments> Desaturate. How to Make a Personalized Coloring Page - Step 4 Duplicate your desaturated layer. How to Make … [Read more...]

7 Portrait Photoshop Actions You Will Love

Photoshop actions. Love them. No, seriously...I LOVE them! If you're unfamiliar with Photoshop actions, this is your lucky day. These time saving short cuts will fast become your best friend; just follow the links below to some of my favorites. You'll be walked through the process and be well on your way to boosting your photography to the next level. Even if you're a seasoned pro you might just find a gem in this set. Did I mention I love them? So with that in mind, here are 7 of my favorite portrait Photoshop actions: Contrast and saturation.  You have to be careful when boosting the color saturation and contrast of a photo; it can get overdone FAST. This tutorial by Jodi Friedman at MCP Actions does an amazing job of walking that line. Too much for you? There's a more … [Read more...]

5 Top Blogging Tools You Cannot Live Without

(Photo Source: Pic Jumbo) When I started blogging a little over two and a half years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. I went in blindly without knowing what direction I wanted to take my blog in and without any prior research. I just started writing, posting, and learning by trial and error. Luckily, I met some amazing bloggers along the way who were very supportive. Even with the support from other bloggers, there weren’t as many tools readily available for bloggers as there are now. If you’re a beginner blogger, or thinking about becoming a blogger, and you’re equipped with the proper tools then things will be a lot easier for you. I want to help make your blogging life a little easier by sharing 5 top blogging tools you cannot live without. 1. Editorial Calendar An editorial … [Read more...]

Make Your Photos Look Like Paintings

With all the free photo editing sites, it's easy to get high quality pictures from any camera. One of my favorite editing tools takes your photograph and turns it into a painting. With all the photo editing options out there it is also easy to get overwhelmed. So we gathered the best of the best so you can turn your photographs, into beautiful pieces of artwork. Pixel Bender Pixel Bender Oil Paint easily turns your pictures into soft oil paintings. It also allows you to generate a wide variety of elaborate fractals and turn the lower edge of an image into a number of tendrils that wave as you move them. (Photo Credit: Helen Bradley) Psykopaint Psykopaint allows you to paint unique pieces of art from your photos. Psykopaint works in a unique way by selecting the colors from your … [Read more...]

How To Add Textures to Photos with Photoshop

I get a lot of requests on my blog asking me to explain how to add texture to photos of flowers.  There are a few methods that can be used to add texture, and this method works for me, and is quite simple to follow.  Using this technique, you will easily be able to add textures to photos of anything using Photoshop. First, my original photo of an aloe flower taken one evening.  It was just after the sun set, so I used my flash to take the photo with my 50mm lens with f-stop at 1.8 and ISO 200. Using Lightroom to Adjust the Colours I could have kept the original colours and overlayed a texture, but I wanted something different (I was in an odd mood).  So I went hunting through my Lightroom presets (I use Lightroom 3 Beta 2) that I don't often use for portraits because they're too … [Read more...]

More Free Actions for Photohop Elements

Not too long ago, Drea posted some great info here on Photo Bliss about using free actions to automate processes in Photoshop Elements.  She mentioned CoffeeShop, whose Creamy Toffee Latte action I used for this belly button shot. Here are some other places to find Photoshop Elements friendly freebies! One caveat before you start downloading - confirm that these actions are compatible with your version of Photoshop Elements and with your operating system (Mac, Vista, XP). Graficalicus - Not only does Graffi have a great free action sampler pack, he also has good tutorials in his blog, and he posts free stuff there from time to time.  The free sampler pack has these actions, among others:  Soft Black & White, Old Romance,  and Sketch. Grant's Tools - totally free set of … [Read more...]