Create a Cozy Living Room

Creating a warm and cozy living room isn't just for fall and winter evenings, having an inviting space that you and your family enjoy spending time in, will be something you'll cherish all year long. The following are four easy ways to create a space your family will love.   (PC: Good Homes) An obvious go to for creating a warm space is throws.  Collect different colours and textures, pulling warms tones and thicker knits for cooler months and lighter, brighter options for warm nights.  I love throwing them over sofas or side chairs for added texture, but housing them in a basket is a great too.   (PC: Lush Home) Instantly cozy up a space with toss pillows.  Again choose warm tones for cooler months and lighter tones for summer and spring.  Is there anything better … [Read more...]

8 Tips for Decorating with Pops of Turquoise

Turquoise. Aqua. Cyan. Teal. Mint. Whatever you call it, whatever the is a gorgeous, rich color that is very happy-making.  It reminds me of Caribbean water, Southwestern jewels, New England cottages, vintage dresses, and the brightest spot on a peacock feather. Incorporating it into a room's decor is sure to bring a fresh touch of whimsy and serenity. Need some inspiration as to how to use turquoise in your home? Happily, I've found some amazing rooms that use turquoise perfectly. From a little bit on a pillow to a fully saturated pallet, there is certainly something for everyone. 1.) . Semi-precious stone chandelier by MarjorieSkouras as seen in Marjorie De Groot Design. 2.) Turquoise walls and island by HGTV Design Home. 3.) Turquoise and red bedroom by Coastal … [Read more...]

How to Clean Throw Pillows

Photo Credit: M.Markus How do you clean throw pillows for the couch without turning them into a lumpy, misshapen mess? Throw pillows covered in silk or wool must be dry cleaned, as should*  throw pillows filled with down. Hopefully, if you have down filled throw pillows, they have a zippered cover that can be washed separately. *It is possible to wash down pillows on the delicate or hand-washing cycle of your washing machine, but this is a choice you must make as a consumer, knowing that your pillows may be damaged. Keep in mind that front loading washing machines tend to yield better results than top loading. Check the tag of the pillow, you know the "to be removed only by the consumer under penalty of law tag?" This should give proper care advice, but as most of us find these tags … [Read more...]

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