Periscope 101: Getting Ready for your First Broadcast

Periscope is the newest social media craze sweeping the nation (actually the world) and it may be a little intimidating for people who have no idea how to use it or even what it is. Periscope is a live-video streaming platform that allows you to broadcast to the world or a select few, the choice is yours. You must be on the iOS or Android operating systems for you to use it. Since it’s fairly new (only three months old) most people who log in for the first time are not sure how to navigate through it or how to even set up an engaging profile. I’m going to give you a little Periscope 101: Getting Ready for your First Broadcast, so you can get connected and be prepared to start streaming away! (I’m on the Android operating system, so some of my photos may look a little different than using … [Read more...]

How to Shoot Pinnable Photos for Your Blog

Pinterest is a boon for bringing traffic to your blog or website and if you pin correctly you can reap huge rewards. But in order to do that you need images to pin! Here are some tips to remember when taking photos for pinterest-friendly blog posts. Images that receive the most pins on Pinterest tend to be vertical and take up a lot of real estate in your feed. A pretty, handmade ceramic bowl holding a few biscuits looks more attractive when paired with the addition of a sprig of rosemary and a white cloth napkin. Here are a few tips and tricks to make the images you create for your blog more pinnable. Great Lighting. Natural light is ideal for still life images, but, there are times you will need a little extra lighting. Try to shoot in bright, but not too bright lighting. If … [Read more...]

Pinterest Etiquette – Seven Tips to Keep in Mind When Pinning

Have you ever been surfing Pinterest, having a blast, and all of a sudden you see something that really irks you? Perhaps it's a completely off-topic Pin, or worse yet, one product after another... Or my pet-peeve, over self-promotion. While there aren't many hard-set rules for Pinterest use, there are a few rules of thumb for keeping Pinterest a fun place to hang out, share cool stuff, and be inspired! Here are 7 tips for Pinterest best practice: 1. Follow Your Friends! Pinterest is a very social community! Link up your Facebook account and find and follow your friends who use Pinterest. Invite friends you think may enjoy Pinterest. You don't have to allow Pinterest to post to your Facebook timeline every single time you Pin something, but it is nice to see what your friends are … [Read more...]

My 10 Favorite Organizing Pinterest Boards

What is the hottest newcomer in social media right now? Pinterest! For some it has even become an addiction. I find myself in that last category as of late. I just love pinning things and sharing. It is a great way to get inspiration and ideas from others that you probably never would have thought of.  I love implementing what I have seen on some of the boards in my own home. Organization is no different. Below I share with you 10 of my favorite organizing Pinterest boards. I hope you find that they will become a favorite of yours as well. I would like to thank Liz Jenkins of A Fresh Space for sharing with me some of her favorites too. [imagebrowser id=29] … [Read more...]

Best Craft Blogger Boards on Pinterest

Pinterest is the new kid on the block, and let's face it... her charms are irresistible. Blogger or not, fan of social media or hermit crab, you will fall in love with, and quickly become addicted to, Pinterest. There are few people who use Pinterest as well as craft bloggers. Today, I'm going to feature some of the best craft blogger boards on Pinterest... by some amazing craft bloggers you probably already know and love! When you're done swooning, come back and let me know who your favorite craft blogger is, and if she uses Pinterest. (And yes, you can be your own favorite!) [imagebrowser id=27] A huge thanks to my friend and Blissfully Domestic Home Improvement blogger, Leigh, for sharing some of her favorites with me! … [Read more...]