Small Batch Pumpkin Cookie Dough Energy Bites (GF and Vegan)

  Hands on those of you who love energy balls but who don't actually need that much energy to fuel their mid-morning coffee breaks! Either because you are sitting at a desk all day (i.e. me) or because you can easily get addicted to those delicious sweet bites (i.e. also me). However, we still energy to fuel our (supposedly) intense intellectual effort, just in smaller quantities. This recipe is my go-to snack for revision time: it comes together in five minutes, it's not excessively sweet and only makes enough bites to fuel your brain correctly! You can also double or tripe the recipe if you are not revising/working alone. Add in any extra ingredient you wish to (seeds and nuts are a good idea) and substitute coconut flour with almond/cashew powder to experiment a … [Read more...]

29 DIY Halloween Crafts and Decor

It’s that time of games, fall festivals and of course, Halloween. We've got 29 crafts and DIY projects to keep you and your little goblins busy. DIY Drilled Pumpkin Drilling a pumpkin... an idea I wish I had thought of first, brilliantly executed on Curbly. Halloween Countdown This Halloween Countdown is a little more involved than some of the other crafts featured here, but it’s a statement piece for your front porch (or living room) that is worth your time investment. Thank you, I Heart Naptime! Chalkboard Paint Mason Jar Labels I am in love with mason jars - there are just so many great uses for them! Try out these mason jars with chalkboard paint labels from Untrained Housewife for your Halloween party or just for a great … [Read more...]

Miniature Gingersnap Pumpkin Pies

Now that Summer has passed and you are in full-on Halloween and Thanksgiving mode, the infamous pumpkin pie is here! I made this pie for the first time last year and it was the belle of the ball. Even my grandmother who is the greatest baker I know was stumped at what this pie was made of. Needless to say, it had her in a trance...a pumpkin pie trance. I promise, you'll have your family and friends all dying for this recipe. And as my husband says, 'It's the perfect combination of textures. My favorite pie you've made thus far.' Also, the great thing about this pie is that it can easily be made in one big pie too, if you'd prefer that over miniature pies. Miniature Gingersnap Pumpkin Pies adapted from Chocolate & Carrots Essential Equipment Non-Stick Four Cup Pie … [Read more...]

Paleo-Friendly Pumpkin Cupcakes

Each year, about this time, I get a taste for all things pumpkin. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin spiced latte, everything pumpkin! There's a local restaurant that serves THE BEST pumpkin bread. I could honestly go for a plate of just that. Until now. Today I'm sharing a recipe for pumpkin cupcakes that is amazing! These cupcakes are far better tasting than the bread at the local restaurant I mentioned. Best part? The ingredients are all Paleo-friendly. If you aren't familiar with Paleo, this means these cupcakes are also good for you. No flour, no sugar, no preservatives...just all-natural ingredients. I can't wait for you to give these a try. I bet your family will ask you to make them time and time again.  Paleo-Friendly Pumpkin … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Recipes – Beyond Simple Roasting

The month of October brings out the pumpkins. You see them in the store, in the patch, on front porches...everywhere! The closer it gets to Halloween the more likely you are to carve a pumpkin. As a kid, my mom and I would cut off the top of the pumpkin, reach inside and start pulling out all of the "guts". The ooey-gooey, slimy pumpkin seeds and all the stringy stuff that comes with them. We'd just toss it all onto an old newspaper and when we were finished we'd fold it up and throw it in the trash. All the potentially amazing, chocked-full-of-good-for-you-goodness went straight to the trash. For real. Did you know roasted pumpkin seeds are good for you? They are. They're packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and numerous health promoting antioxidants. Today I've got a few … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

When the cooler weather comes through, you know it's time to bake some pumpkin spice cupcakes! They are the epitome of autumn and have just enough sweet & spice and everything nice. The best part is having fun with the spiced cream cheese frosting on top! I went for a wacky cloud-like pattern on these cupcakes. What's more is the pumpkin spice cupcakes are incredibly moist and flavorful. Plus, the icing to cupcake ratio is perfect! Happy Autumn! [sc:adsense ] Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes from Carla's Confections Ingredients 3/4 cup butter, softened 1 cup packed light brown sugar 1 cup granulated sugar 3 large eggs 1 cup pumpkin purée 1/2 cup milk 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 cups white whole wheat flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 1/2 … [Read more...]