Creating a Rustic Fall Front Porch Display

I love this video with tips for creating a charming and rustic fall display for your front porch or patio. The sample displays are gorgeous and give me a lot of good ideas for my own front porch area. Creating a Colorful Rustic Display Use a repetition of color throughout your front porch display to tie in the entire decoration. Your accent color (green in this case) can be repeated through the solid pieces like a rocking chair, bench, trellis, etc and echoed through the selection of plant materials.  Gourds and pumpkins are commonly used, and look great on this patio. Brown and Orange Patio Display Old stems and seedheads are fascinating in a fall patio decoration and this diaplay in the video shows both dried yucca and dried hydrangea plants. Orange makes the perfect … [Read more...]

Decorating a Cottage in Pink and Green

Decorating rooms and homes in pink and green is so popular that it's fun to look at this color combination in a specific setting.  Pink and green are the perfect color choices for decorating a cottage. Adding floral throw pillows to seating on the front porch welcomes visitors and introduces the cottage theme.  Inside, more floral motifs in a variety of pinks and green are showcased in window treatments, upholstery, and even an area rug.  Light streaming in from the window and fresh cut flowers celebrate the spring and summer seasons. Using bark cloth and vintage linens in floral patterns of pink and green in the kitchen lends cohesiveness to the color scheme.  Choosing one type of flower, for example roses, adds to the charm and quaintness of cottage decor. Choosing only one floral … [Read more...]

Make a Wire Cloche

The French developed the glass cloche, or bell jar, of solid glass shaped like a dome. It's purpose was to protect garden plants from cold and frost. So, what's the purpose of a wire cloche? Why, whatever you want it to be ! For this project you'll need: chicken wire 12" in height goggles gloves wire snippers needle nose pliers I found a whole roll of chicken wire at a yard sale for just 25 cents..... amazing what you find at yard need a piece approx. 22" long. When you cut the wire you'll end up with these ends that you just wrap around the other end to join. Start by making a tube shape & then work on shaping the top, which can be tricky. Some of the wire will have to be cut away to get that shape. Just keep working it & crimping the … [Read more...]