Gift Tag Templates – Circular!

Circular gift tags can be such fun- funky or elegant. For you today is a Disk Gift Tag Template to use over and over with your own sentiments and images. Make Your Own Gift Tags We all like to save time, (so we can savor time) so this is one solution to your gift tag woes. Making your gift tags shows your thoughtful intentions and creativity. These tags are a base for just those thoughts and imagination. It makes things more personal and fun, and the small format is easy to fill. Gift Labels The round tag looks great with just a simple image. The colored dots and inner border frame the center twice over giving the most simple image a heap of attention. Ideas for Gift Labels Just print and trim and decorate Add cut images from free sticker sites, old cards or … [Read more...]

Printmaking Techniques for Preschoolers

Stamping is a very simple printmaking technique that can produce intricate and beautiful results through the use of color, pattern and repetition. You can even let your children create their own stamps using common materials found around your home. Part 1: Creating Stamps 1. Assemble the materials. You can create stamps using cardboard or foamboard, glue and small objects such as pasta, yarn, buttons or straws. 2. Cut the board into small pieces that can be held easily in your child's hand. 3. Put glue on the board and let your child add an arrangement of small objects to create a relief on top of the board's surface. Objects of similar size and shape that create an interesting texture or pattern work best. For example, you can make a grid using cut straws or a series of … [Read more...]

Free Gift Tag Printables Templates

Your gift has been wrapped (or not) and is ready for that final touch – the gift tag. Download these free gift tag templates as a base to work your magic on. Gift giving has been around for as long as man (and woman) has. We give because we feel empathy, sympathy, to celebrate an occasion or just because we want to. We are a social lot, us humans and we have an inherent need to communicate and connect with each other. Easy Paper Craft Gift tags are easy and very inexpensive to make if your budget requires it. Download the templates as a starting point with which to weave your creative magic. Print out and trace the shapes onto heavy paper or card stock. Get decorating with scrap papers, embellishments and an adhesive. Use sewing notions – bits of lace and buttons or just … [Read more...]