Preparing Your Home for a New Baby’s Arrival!

Blissfully Domestic has started an account on HomeTalk and we started sharing some of our most popular posts there for others to look at. Now we are curating some fun and useful boards and the featured board today focuses on Preparing the Home for Parenthood. We collected  some great tutorials for anyone prepping for a new little one around the house! Preparing The Baby's Room Hanging Wall Shelves - by Honey Bear Lane Baby Nursery Wall Art - by Blissfully Domestic Dresser Changing Table Remake - by The Golden Sycamore Kid's No-Paint Dresser - by Mellywood's Mansion Tree Mural Bookshelf - by The Design Confidential Baby Accessories to Make 10 Free Baby Booties You Can Knit - by Blissfully Domestic Wooden Baby Scooters - by Killer B Design Baby Closet … [Read more...]

8 DIY Blankets for Baby

When I had four children I never thought number five would be a possibility. I was certain all things baby were a thing of my past. If I made a baby item it would surely be for a gift or a client. Boy, was I wrong! I recently had baby number five and the world of onesies, diapers, pacifiers and, of course, baby blankets is back. That makes my heart SING!! Although, I had nine months to prepare for this new baby and make her all sorts of handmade goodness I failed to make her even one something. Not even a burp cloth. Epic fail. When I sat down to bring you this list of yummy {and easy!} baby blankets I became instantly inspired. They can all be done by a beginner and there's something for all of us! Can you sew? There's something for you. Can you crochet? I have something for you. … [Read more...]

Back-to-School Teacher’s Gifts for Every Budget

How do you make sure, from day one, that your child is Teacher's Pet?  You send a teacher's gift on the first day, of course! We're all on a budget these days. Don't let the idea of a teacher's gift make you put a Master Lock on your wallet.  You can give an impressive "thanks for teaching my student" token of appreciation for as little as a couple of dollars.  Really.  Keep reading. /1/ A Succulent Garden - This succulent garden will be special on day one of the school year and beyond. /2/ Let's Kick Off this Year with a Splash! - Fill a child's {new} rain boot with a few of teacher's essentials and maybe even a gift card to offset her expenses. This gift she'll surely get a kick out of! /3/ Teacher Subway Art - Here's a super simple gift idea that will cost you very … [Read more...]

7 DIY Back-to-School Supplies That Are A+

Back-to-School is right around the corner.  The sales flyers and store front windows are proof in themselves that it's almost time to send our kids back into the classroom.  Do you have what it takes to save a little money and make a few of their supplies on your own?  Or, would you like to simply add a little DIY to your school supply organization? Keep reading.  I've got a few DIY tutorials to get you started! /1/Pencil Pouch - Sure the pencil pouches at the big box stores are cheap, but are they this cute? With even a little sewing knowledge YOU can make this super cute pouch for all of your pencils and pens. /2/Toddler Backpack - Almost always, our older children have a strong opinion on what color and style backpack they want to carry. Our preschoolers, on the other hand, … [Read more...]

Customize Burp Cloths with Scrap Material

One thing every new mother, whether she is new for the first time or new for the fifth time, needs is burp cloths. One thing almost every crafter has is scrap material. This is an easy tutorial turning your pile of scrap material into great timeless gifts for the expecting mom in your life. Using a pre-fold cloth diaper (which you can buy in large packs at Wal-Mart or Target) and your scrap pile, you can make quite a few of these in a small amount of time. I recommend using the assembly line method. Do all of step one, all of step two, etc at the same time. First, make sure that your scrap is going to fit down the middle strip of the pre-fold. Fold all the corners under and pin securely in place. Sew along all four sides. I personally like and prefer the zigzag stitch, but any … [Read more...]

How To Make Window Cornice Boxes

Learn how to make window cornice boxes and you’ll create a whole new look for your windows and spice up your décor at the same time. Cornice boxes are a simple but very effective way to add a tailored and classy look to your windows. They’re easy to make and can be covered with any color and texture of fabric your heart desires. Cornices are rigid, boxlike frames created from a lightweight particleboard or plywood. Cornice boxes sit at the top of a window as sort of a “valance”. It’s easy to customize cornice boxes with fabric, paint, and wallpaper so they fit your style and décor. How to Make Cornice Boxes for Your Windows You’ll love this simple do-it-yourself project once you figure out how easy it is to make window cornice boxes. You’ll also save quite a bit by building the boxes … [Read more...]