Make a Homemade Magnetic Fishing Game

You've seen those electronic fishing games right? Not suitable for young children and annoyingly loud. Well, this fishing set is sure to be a Summer Boredom Buster! DIY Magnetic Fishing Game Supplies You'll Need: 1 sheet of paper for the pattern pen to mark out a pattern fabric (I used 4 coordinating fat quarters and had loads left over) pins sewing machine leather cord (can substitute with yarn or twine) 1" circular magnets hot glue gun scissors fray check stuffing (instead of buying stuffing you can use an old pillow) 1" dowel How to Put the Cloth Fish Together 1. Trace a fish pattern onto paper. The simpler the better! Make it a little wider than you think it needs to be for seam allowance. 2. Cut pattern out of paper then use it to cut out the fish. … [Read more...]

How to Turn a Sweater into a Stocking {Tutorial}

I first saw this lovely idea at an antique store downtown. There are so many things to love about the sweater stocking. You can use old/sentimental/colorful sweaters to make the most lovely and meaningful Christmas stockings. And then embellish them with almost anything you like. There are no rules and no two need be alike. Start with a stocking whose design you love. I used this one {for the large size} that I bought at the antique store. Just find a stocking you love and use it as a template. This particular sweater was one of my favorites {from Gap} for several years and then I accidentally dried it. Its' colorful stripes are perfect for a stocking. 1. Turn the sweater wrong side out and use the band of the sweater as the top of the stocking. Lay your template down and use a … [Read more...]

DIY Pillowcase Dress Tutorial

A Room Somewhere has one of the best pillowcase dress tutorial's I've seen.  There seem to be quite a few around but this one is so chic and easy! photo courtesy of Grosgrain Flickr group … [Read more...]

DIY: Laziest Slipcover Tutorial

I cannot tell you how many chairs I have rescued from garage sales and thrift stores. Great chairs that just needed a new slipcover to be fabulous again! If you are aware of how expensive quality new chairs are, you can see the appeal in finding a well-constructed chair that just needs a fresh new slipcover.  But, because I am completely lazy, frugal and not a seamstress, those chairs sit in my garage or hide under  a blanket in the corner of a room for years. YEARS I tell you! I want the slipcovers, but not the cost of hiring an upholsterer. If you are the same way, grab all those lonely sad chairs from your garage because I found a solution for you, the lazy slipcover tutorial from Pink & Polka Dot! If you love a casual cottage slipcovered chair, you'll LOVE this … [Read more...]

How to make a mei tai carrier

  Did you wear your baby when she was small? I did. I had a ring sling and a front pack carrier that I wore her in all the time.  I wore her so much that I used my stroller twice. Really. Twice – the state fair and a local craft show, and both times, it acted more like a cart than a stroller. Eventually, my baby got too big to wear comfortably in my ring sling. She was a 27-pound, walking and running 10-month-old toddler, and we couldn’t figure out the logistics of the sling. Sadly, I gave up on baby wearing. Recently, however, my friend Heather told me how she wears her toddler all the time in a mei tai, and I was fascinated. Heather’s daughter and mine are about the same age and size, so I wondered if the mei tai could work for me. Not wanting to spend a lot of money on … [Read more...]

Sewing a flannel changing pad

Remember the flannel receiving blanket that we made last week? You can make a diaper-changing pad in basically the same way. Here’s how to sew your own flannel changing pad: Materials One yard of baby flannel (or whatever fabric you like, really) One yard of vinyl backed flannel or other waterproof fabric Coordinating thread Preparation The preparation for a changing pad is easier than the blanket. Wash and dry the fabric. Iron if necessary to remove any big wrinkles. (Pay attention to the ironing instructions on the vinyl backed flannel. Sometimes it can't be ironed.) Place the plain flannel right side up on a smooth, flat surface. Lay the plastic on top, and the second piece of flannel right side down on top of that. Pin the layers together the whole way around. … [Read more...]