Tutorial: Fleece Tie Blankets

Football season is here again and that means the cold winter months are just around the corner.  One of my favorite things to do in the winter is to snuggle up on the sofa with a warm fuzzy blanket.  My son has also adopted this habit of mine so we've collected quite a stack of warm blankets in our living room.  Why so many?  We have two dogs and two cats so most of the time half of the blankets are in the laundry waiting to be de-furred! In my search for the perfect cuddly blanket, I discovered no-sew fleece tie blankets.  They are the perfect blanket to snuggle under when those cold days hit and they are super easy to make.  I can finish a large one off in about an hour (while watching TV) and a small one in even less time.  They make great baby or toddler gifts, and would also be a … [Read more...]

Kindling a Love for Vintage Sewing Machines and Attachments

I have to admit that I am in love! I love my vintage Singer 403A sewing machine and all the wonderful attachments that come with it. I have found that some people just don't understand how I could love such an out dated machine that has such "scary" looking attachments and (gasp!) cams that you actually have to switch in and out if you want to make different stitches! I mean, why not just buy a new machine that you just press a button, hang on, and voila! You have a quilt. Well here are some of my favorite things about vintage machines- They are work horses! Most vintage machines will take anything you throw at them and with even minimal cleaning and oiling will keep on working and working and working You can find vintage machines anywhere. My mom bought mine for me at a thrift … [Read more...]

Ribbon Valances- Sweet and Simple

Ribbons are so much fun to decorate with. They are inexpensive and can add a big punch for the cost. That is my kind of decorating! This is a project that is perfect for springtime, and so easy to make. With windows open for fresh air, the ribbons will be blowing in the breeze. The perfect effect for your princesses' room. You'll need a tension rod and about 10 yards each of five different ribbons (the amount will vary depending on window size). Cut the ribbons a few inches longer than you need in order to reach the sill, then tie each length onto the rod in a necktie knot. Alternate colors or patterns. Trim to fit. You could also do as I did when I made one when my daughter was little, and trim the ribbons in more of a valance length. Vary the lengths. This isn't about … [Read more...]

Embellishing for Beginners

One of the main reasons a lot of people begin to sew is to make their own clothes. While it is amazing to be able to create your own clothes, embellishing clothes you already have is a bit less intimidating, and gives you much faster results than starting from scratch. Here are some easy ways to add a custom touch to your clothes: Tutorials This no-sew fabric flower tutorial from Wise Craft is a perfect Springtime addition to your jacket, bag or even a headband! This Applique tutorial is shown for a quilt, but the same technique can be used to embellish an adult OR kids shirt (especially one with a wretched stain that won't go away). Martha Stewart has a number of ideas for embellishing simple tote bags that could easily translate into clothing as well! Did you know you can … [Read more...]