Make a Blissful Home on a Budget With Goodwill

Everyone loves a good re-purposing project, right? Right! So let’s talk about making your home blissful on a budget.Sure, you can go down to the local antique store and find those beautifully painted chairs, dressers, picture frames and other crafty items. But have you seen the price tags on those things? It is much more satisfying and frugal to do it yourself. Check out this refurbished side chair project as a great example of bliss on a budget! So where do you begin? Maybe you already have an idea of what you want to do? A new chair for your reading room, something to decorate your new dining room table, maybe you are looking around and seeing bare spots on your wall that needs something appealing? Or maybe you have no idea what you want to do yet and you need some inspiration … [Read more...]

Top 5 On-line retailers to find great home furnishings (and a giveaway!)

The key to great design is seamlessly mixing vintage and new items together to give your home a cohesive design with individual style.  If you are like me you can’t resist a good flea market or garage sale to source the vintage and unique, but with school and fall activities starting, I am sure you already picture yourself running between after school activities and family dinners with little time or energy for much else.  I have rounded up a couple of my favorite online market places to help you get your shopping fix and idea inspiration while relaxing in the comfort of your own home.  So pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy the shopping! Chairish is an online consignment marketplace for the design-obsessed. It’s a curated site, so they weed through the dreck and showcase the … [Read more...]

Zulily: Find Designer Kids Clothes Without the Designer Prices

If there's one thing I am addicted to more than shopping for clothing for me (or shoes for me, or house decor for, well, me), it's shopping for my little boy. He may be only eight months old, but the kid has a closet that could rival many fashionistas. Thankfully, there's Zulily to help me find simply adorable duds at fabulous discount. What is Zulily? Um, heaven? In other words, choice selections of great designer children's clothing and products at a discount to its members. Like mini online trunk shows, designers cycle through, offering a selection of their goods at markdown. And becoming one of those lucky members is easy: just sign up for free on their site. Once you are official, you'll begin getting emails when new products arrive. What can I get through Zulily? The meat and … [Read more...]

Save Money With Ready To Assemble Furniture

Do you ever watch those decorating shows on tv and just wish that the next house they visit would be your house?  Yeah, me, too! And there is one show in particular, you know the one, where the homeowners want to sell their home and they have $2,000 to get it ready for an Open House?  It always amazes me the amount of changes they can do on a limited budget.  But then again, the labor is free and I would bet that most of the furniture that they buy is the ready to assemble sort of furniture. So, I decided to give this build it myself furniture a try.  In the past couple of years I have purchased and (helped my husband) build: 3 section ladder bookshelf with laptop desk from Kid's dresser and bookshelf from Target (brick and mortar) Storage Bench for entryway and … [Read more...]