11 Popcorn Recipes Just in Time for National Popcorn Day

January 19 is National Popcorn Day. I'm not sure who created or when they founded or why National Popcorn Day exists, but it does. And, it's a great National Day to have since everyone LOVES popcorn! {Did you know there's a National Day of Something for everything?} Whether you're at the movies or watching a movie at home, at the ballgame or throwing a birthday party, popcorn is a food that everyone is sure to enjoy. I've found 11 popcorn recipes that are sweet, salty, savory and all those combined. You're bound to find one that POPS out at you! Sriracha Caramel Popcorn - The sriracha craze seems to be right up there with the bacon craze. People are putting sriracha on everything, and on the most unexpected foods. I'm guessing this combination of sweet and heat will be so … [Read more...]

Spring Split Pea Soup Recipe

The colors of spring are poking through.  In the still chilly early days of the season, a hearty soup still makes a great meal or starter.  Split Pea soup brings the green of spring to your table and is a perfect way to use any leftover ham from a holiday meal. Even better, because peas do not require overnight soaking, you can be sitting down to a delicious bowl of soup in less than 90 minutes. This recipe is adapted slightly from this posting on Food.com.  The addition of milk (or a little heavy cream if that’s what is in your fridge) brightens the color. What you’ll need to make Spring Split Pea Soup: 1 tablespoon olive oil 2  small to medium onions, chopped salt ¼  - ½ tsp ground pepper red pepper flakes (optional) 4 cloves of garlic, chopped 1 bay leaf 1 … [Read more...]

13 Perfect Asparagus Recipes for Spring

Spring has officially sprung. Very seldom will you want to be stuck in a hot kitchen preparing lunch or dinner. You are going to want to be hanging out at the pool or picnicking at the park. But, you're also going to want to still eat light and healthy fare to be swimsuit ready for the summer. Yes? {I know. It's on every girl's mind this time of year...the daunting swim suit.} 1. First, a wealth of asparagus knowledge can be found on Relish. | 2. Picky Palette shares her recipe for Bacon Parmesan Spaghetti with Asparagus, Corn and Heirloom Tomatoes. Serve this dish chilled for a twist. | 3. This Asparagus, Strawberry and Arugula Salad from Key Ingredient has springtime written all over it. 1. This Lemon Truffle Pasta with Asparagus and Porcini Mushrooms is a warm dish but it is … [Read more...]

5 Foods That Boost Your Immune System

We are in the midst of a nasty flu and cold season.  The Centers for Disease Control says we still have a few more weeks to endure it.  How are you protecting yourself and your family? Of course, daily exercise and drinking plenty of water are great ways to keep healthy.  But, I have a few tasty {and easy} recipes for you today that are packed with immune boosting ingredients. Hot Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal. This looks yummy enough to eat every morning. If you don't have dry milk in your pantry you can substitute two cups regular milk and reduce the water to two cups. Jeannette's Healthy Living has lots of delicious and healthy recipes. Who doesn't love a good Spinach and Artichoke Dip? Remember, I'm giving you ways to boost your immune system; if you aren't sick you shouldn't … [Read more...]

10 Pureed Soups that You Will Love

Soup's on! The weather is chilly; for some reason that makes me crave yummy soups. Curling up with a steaming mug of soup, a snuggly blanket, and a good book...sounds pretty inviting, no? Let's make it even easier; pureed soup. Skip the silly spoon if you like, and just drink up your soup. Simpler clean-up, too! Look at that orange yumminess. Carrots and sweet potatoes? YES, please. In her recipe, Emma Eats suggests garnishing with bacon. BACON, y'all. *wipes away tear* She also has a cinnamon and maple syrup version. A girl after my own heart. Asparagus + potatoes + a few spices + milk = GET IN MAH BELLY. :) You can find the recipe here, over at Key Ingredient. Carrot ginger soup. It looks almost too pretty to eat, doesn't it? It's vegan, too...so you can feel … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato Soup for Fall

Fall. My favorite season. Not only is it scarf, skinny jeans, and boots weather, it's also the perfect excuse to have spiced foods that are rich in pumpkin, sweet potato, cinnamon, and   apples. Mmm, delicious. To kick off the season, I've whipped up this super easy soup that you can eat now or freeze for later! It's rich and creamy without any added cream. The spice from the cinnamon is warm as it goes down and after you swallow, you get a kick from the cayenne pepper. A match made in heaven, if I do say so myself! So, go on, make this soup and tell me what you're looking forward to this fall season! And once you make it, does it not taste like sweet potato fries!?!? [sc:adsense ]   Sweet Potato Soup Ingredients 2 large sweet potatoes, cubed 2 … [Read more...]