Ants on a Log {Earth Day}

I think almost every kid has had an Ants on a Log as a snack at one point or another (Well, I guess not the peanut allergy prone. Almond butter?). I can't even begin to count the number I had as a kid. Shoot, it's even a great mommy snack, now! This tasty snack is the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day! Completely inspired by all things living, you can make it a lesson about life and saving our planet. It's a great interactive snack, too. You can prep the celery with the peanut butter and have your kids put the raisins (ants) on the log! For the more adventurous, you can practice counting the ants as they hop on the log and hop off into those bellies! [sc:adsense ] Ants on a Log Ingredients celery, cleaned and trimmed creamy peanut butter raisins How-To Make sure … [Read more...]

Simple Spring Wreath {a tutorial}

April showers have brought about the inspiration for some Spring wreath form. All of the supplies needed for this wreath were purchased at my nearby Hobby Lobby. {I'm sure you can find the supplies at any local arts and crafts store. Don't forget to use your 40% off coupons to save some cash!} Best part, this wreath was complete from start to finish in less than one hour! Ready to get started? Gather your supplies. You'll need a straw wreath form {leave the plastic wrap on, it's less messy that way.}, one roll of burlap ribbon, one roll of pink chevron tulle ribbon, one roll of green chevron tulle ribbon, five burlap rose flower picks, a pair of scissors and a few straight pins {no hot glue. YAY!}. Begin by wrapping your wreath form with the burlap ribbon. Secure … [Read more...]

13 Perfect Asparagus Recipes for Spring

Spring has officially sprung. Very seldom will you want to be stuck in a hot kitchen preparing lunch or dinner. You are going to want to be hanging out at the pool or picnicking at the park. But, you're also going to want to still eat light and healthy fare to be swimsuit ready for the summer. Yes? {I know. It's on every girl's mind this time of year...the daunting swim suit.} 1. First, a wealth of asparagus knowledge can be found on Relish. | 2. Picky Palette shares her recipe for Bacon Parmesan Spaghetti with Asparagus, Corn and Heirloom Tomatoes. Serve this dish chilled for a twist. | 3. This Asparagus, Strawberry and Arugula Salad from Key Ingredient has springtime written all over it. 1. This Lemon Truffle Pasta with Asparagus and Porcini Mushrooms is a warm dish but it is … [Read more...]

Spring Flower Photo Inspirations

The temperatures are warming up, the days are getting longer and the flowers are just beginning to make their entrance into the world. Spring flowers offer a magnitude of photography ideas and are the perfect subjects because they don't move or blink! Here are some great ways to capture the true beauty of spring through your camera's lens. Focus On Color Flowers come in a wide array of gorgeous colors. Highlight their beauty against a blank background so they can show off their wares. (Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet) Up Close and Personal Don't worry about always getting the whole flower in the picture, focus on the petals or insides of the flower for a more interesting capture. (Photo Credit: Mary Foster) Use Nature Nature provides the perfect accents for your flower photos. … [Read more...]

Fun {and Easy!} Spring and Easter Bento Boxes

Chances are you've heard the term bento box and not given it much thought because you aren't totally familiar with it. I'll be honest, until today I thought bento boxes were filled with sushi and seaweed. {they are a Japanese tradition, after all} Little did I know they can be filled with lots of other things! Also, they can be filled with things even the most picky eater will love. What's more, they are super cute! 1. Birds in a Nest I love these bird nest pretzels with sandwich birds. Adorable!| 2. Fun Flowers Fruit flowers? Yes please! I love the orange wedges as a flower!| 3. Fishy Bento See how to make this fish themed bento lunch box and make your child's lunch a special one.| 4. Bunny Bento Perfect for Easter or spring lunch magic. 1. Baby Chick Sandwich Celebrate Easter … [Read more...]

9 Delicious and Healthy Green Salads

I don't know about you, but at this time of year I start getting summer on my mind. Warm evenings, time with family and friends, and barbecued dinners. Lemonade on the front porch, naps in a hammock, and kids staying up way too late playing outside.  In other words, the good life. Summer to me also means lighter fare. Less pasta and heavy sauces and more crunchy vegetables and vinaigrettes.  Oh, sure...I love my salads with other savory yumminess like cheeses and nuts and warm chicken hot off the grill. But the health benefits of all of those veggies are still there.  The fact this healthier eating makes putting on those summer skirts and shorts a bit easier? A healthy, delicious bonus. So in anticipation of summer, I'm sharing with you some amazing salad recipes I can't wait to try. … [Read more...]