11 Modern DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas

In 2013, about 4 million babies were born in the United States. There were at least that many baby showers and possibly ten times that many gifts purchased. That's 40 million gifts. I wonder how many among that number were handmade?? My guess is not many. A handmade baby gift holds a meaning and value to the pregnant mommy that is second to none. A handmade bath towel or pair of booties is going to be treasured by that mommy for years after her new bundle of joy uses them. If you can sew or crochet, you can make a handmade baby shower gift. If you can use a pair of scissors or stamp with a stamp, you can make a handmade baby shower gift. I've got 11 Modern DIY Baby Shower Gifts with their tutorials to prove to you that YOU can do it! /1/ Cloud Mobile - This mobile is perfect for a … [Read more...]

Printmaking Techniques for Preschoolers

Stamping is a very simple printmaking technique that can produce intricate and beautiful results through the use of color, pattern and repetition. You can even let your children create their own stamps using common materials found around your home. Part 1: Creating Stamps 1. Assemble the materials. You can create stamps using cardboard or foamboard, glue and small objects such as pasta, yarn, buttons or straws. 2. Cut the board into small pieces that can be held easily in your child's hand. 3. Put glue on the board and let your child add an arrangement of small objects to create a relief on top of the board's surface. Objects of similar size and shape that create an interesting texture or pattern work best. For example, you can make a grid using cut straws or a series of … [Read more...]