12 Kids Study & Art Station Ideas

With Back to School looming, it's time to create a safe and fun place for your kids to do their homework. These study areas and kids' art stations will provide all the inspiration you need to get started! 1. Dead Space to Fun Space by Craft-O-Maniac - Make use of the empty and wasted spaces in your home. 2. A Corner Table by Pitter and Glink - Perfect for an older teen or tween. 3. Dual Homework Station by BHG - Transform a bookshelf into a space for two kids to use  - awesome if you have multiple children. 4. A Small Niche or Closet by Blissfully Domestic - Remake a closet into a kid's study. 5. Office with View by My Fabuless Life - Simple, minimal workspace. [sc:adsense ] 6. Art & Homework Station by The Crafted Sparrow - Boys will LOVE this one! 7. Small But … [Read more...]

Kids’ Study Room Inspirations

{via Velvet & Linen} With our children back to school, our thoughts go to finding a great place for our children to do their homework and study.  Of course we would love for the space not only to encourage our children to do their best, but also a place that is lovely to look at. The study in the above picture is such a room, now if I had a study in my house like that I would never leave it. {picture via Better Homes & Garden} A small niche or closet makes a perfect study area. Things to incorporate in a good study area- Good lighting shelves for storage cork-board chalkboard study supplies fresh air- either from a window or fan comfortable chair good surface to spread papers out on. {picture via Pottery Barn} [sc:adsense ] Ideas for where … [Read more...]

6 Mistakes When Creating a Homeschool Space

Creating a homeschool space isn't hard.  Quite honestly, all you need is a place to write and a place to keep the books.  That said, I've learned how to create a great homeschooling space the hard way- through trial and error.  Learn from my mistakes and create an inspired learning space right from the start. Mistake 1: Not making it livable.  When we first started homeschooling, I decided to use the small home office in our house as a school room.  It was an 8x10' room off a hallway, and it turned out to be a bad idea.  The room was much too small to fit several desks, and we felt cramped and closed in.  The only window faced southwest, and I live in the deep south. We sweated our way through every afternoon.  Eventually, I moved our workspace out into the open family room and we all … [Read more...]

Free Sample GED Practice Tests

Whether you're a parent making a choice to complete the General Educational Development (GED) diploma for yourself, or a homeschooling parent with a child who is ready to take the GED, study guides for the exam can really make the difference between passing on the first try or needing to retake one or more sections of the test. History of the GED In 1942 the American Council on Education created the GED at the request of the U.S. Army, which needed some kind of test to evaluate the education level of draftees during WWII. Army officials were chagrined to find that many soldiers lack basic general education skills, so the GED was used as a screening tool, and those soldiers who did not pass were given opportunities to learn. Now the GED is used as an alternative to the high school … [Read more...]